10 things you need to know about louis mattrs

The boy from Brighton has worked with Chase and Status, though his own music is less banging Drum & Bass, more deliciously woozy R&B.

by Hattie Collins
18 December 2015, 2:45pm

Louis Mattrs has been about for a bit; the Brighton resident first popped up two years ago on the Chase & Status single Lost and Found, and promptly found himself playing in front of 60,000 people at Glastonbury. Earlier this year, he worked with SG Lewis on No Less, an insidious underground smash that's had over 500k plays on Soundcloud. And now Mattrs is ready to go forth as a solo artist; his recent EP Slow Waves is five tracks of sleazy soul soaked in the sun, sand and sea of his hometown. Here are the 10 things that really matter about Louis…

1. He dropped the 'e' out of his surname because he's gone right off them
I did it because I like to drop E's (laughs). Nah it's because loads of people spelt my first name Louie instead of Louis so I had enough. Now I tell people there are no e's in my name!

2. He writes songs to get girls
It's the only thing I never get bored of, making music. For me, it's very similar to playing computer games in the way that you become so indulged into what you are doing and creating, that you lose all sense of time. It also helps you hook up with girls, there's that perk too…!

3. If you need a tour of Brighton, Louis is your guy
The thing I like most about Brighton is the quiz machine in Wetherspoons on West Street. The thing I like least about Brighton, is the fact that the quiz machine is in Wetherspoons.

4. He was nearly a footballer
I played for Brighton until the age of 16 when I found drinking beer and girls was a bit more fun. A teammate of mine is now playing in the Premier League for Bournemouth and making a fortune. F-you Steve Cook! That could have been me (I'm not bitter at all). It In my late teens, I picked up music and quickly fell in love with it. I always loved playing around on Pro Tools making beats so I went to Uni to become a sound engineer, picking up singing and songwriting in the first year and the rest is history.

5. His parents do not respect his gangsta
My parents would describe me as lazy slob who eats too much pizza and chips. My mum thinks I sit around all day doing nothing. Mum, if you're reading this, where do you think all this music is coming from? I don't just magic it from thin air!

6. He's a fan of some real great people
My heroes in music are the greats in R&B such as Musiq Soulchild, Jeremih and Usher, amongst many more. All three of them have such undeniable bangers that make you want to partay! I also admire the production styles of Clams Casino, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Timbaland, all of which I've taken influences into my own. You can hear that in my EP, Slow Waves, which is not actually not that slow, but it sure is waveyyy.

7. He's working with awesome idiots on his new album
I'm working with my co-producer Brad Baloo on my album, which is starting to sound pretty sick. We're trying to touch on the commercial side of R&B as well as having real emotional and mature sounding songs. Rihanna has been an influence for the album in that she has ballads like Stay and then keeps it gully by having songs such as Pour It Up. I'm also lucky enough to bring in other amazing musicians and producers to spark different ideas, such as Two Inch Punch and Ed Thomas. Both are incredible artists themselves and bring such an amazing creative energy to the studio. But they're both morons so that's all good too.

8. His favourite moment in music this year is a great oneThat shit was hilarious. I'm glad she's ok though, mainly so I don't feel as bad laughing at her.

9. He's a fan of fellow Brightonian Elli IngramI'm really looking forward to hearing more from Elli Ingram next year. I've been waiting for her album for a year now, I keep telling her to hurry up, but she won't listen.

10. He gets white boy wasted, but then, don't we allI sing about being White Girl Wasted but I have been white boy wasted a fair few times in my life. I see them being as two different things. White boy wasted would be being extremely obnoxious and laddish, doing the most dumbest shit possible whilst thinking you are the funniest person in the world. We've all been there though, right?



Text Hattie Collins
Photography Kane Chattey

10 things you need to know about
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