anti-agency introduces a new section of real life heroes

The searingly cool street-cast modelling agency has turned its attention to nurturing talent, expanding their books to include artists, curators, set designers and stylists.

by i-D Staff
15 March 2017, 9:25pm

As Enrique Iglesias once sung to real life lover Anna Kournikova (Yup, they're still together), "I can be your hero baby, I can kiss away the pain." Kissing away our pain away this week is Pandora Lennard and Lucy Greene, the dynamic duo behind Anti Agency, who have introduced a new board of real life heroes for you to get to know. Originally conceived in 2013 as a street cast modelling agency, the Anti-gang has expanded to include artists, illustrators, curators, stylists and set designers, which so far includes artists Arvida Byström, Ella Jazz, Alba Hodsoll, Nadia Lee Cohen, Derek Hardie Martin, Lola Chatterton, and Antonia Marsh to name but a few. Whilst the agency has always had a reputation for nurturing talent well beyond the standard remits of modeling, they are now taking it one step further with this exciting new artist management platform.

"After casting so many young talented Anti-Models, their careers naturally evolved with them along the way," says Lucy, "Now the hottest up and coming creatives in their fields, they wanted to move away from modelling and work mainly on their budding careers. After growing with them and being part of their journey, we naturally wanted to be part of that too - and so we have expanded in to a whole new section where we do just that - providing management for their skills and orchestrating collaborations with brands that fit them and their talents." In true Iglesias style, we'll stand by them forever, and let them take our breath away.


Artwork by Ella Jazz

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