brooklyn's first dirty book fair is here

Scope out smut-lit and listen to naked jazz at the very-first Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair this weekend.

by i-D Staff
15 July 2017, 10:19pm

photography john edmonds, published by matte magazine

Greenpoint library's $5 million expansion isn't even the most pulse-accelerating book news coming to the north Brooklyn neighborhood. This weekend marks the inaugural edition of the Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair, a massive NSFW showcase of indie zines, literature, and photography, plus performances by erotic artists. Artist and curator Matthew Leifheit has lined up a "live cake sitting" by Lindsay Dye, a reading of Larissa Pham's erotic Yale novel Fantasian, a smutty short film showcase, and the world premiere of "American Cuck" by performance artist M. Lamar. The two-day event will be soundtracked by classical and jazz musicians, but don't get too excited, prudes — they'll be plucking those strings in the buff.

Spread from "Momma Tried" magazine

The most shocking part of the Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair might be that it's Brooklyn's first dirty book fair. Sex-positive reading/viewing material has been circulating at other indie publishing showcases for a minute, while magazines like Berkeley Poole and Sarah Nicole Prickett's Adult are taking an uncensored, female-friendly approach to the erotic glossy world. Though no one has thought to turn the demand for such content into a full-on fair, until now.

Matthew's diverse art-centric lineup includes Vivian Fu, Azikiwe Mohammed, Signe Pierce, Chloe Wise, and John Edmonds. There's an afterparty too, and don't expect it to be anticlimactic — it's an all-inclusive sex party, complete with a Blue Oyster Popper Bar. Check out the Facebook event page for details.

Energy Solutions 1-3pm
Larissa Pham, "Fantasian," 4pm
Hot Topix: Short Films curated by Michael Thomas Vassallo 7-9pm
*Afterparty Hosted by NYC INFERNO 10pm-5am*

Darnell Haynes 1-3pm
M Lamar: American Cuck (World Premiere) 6pm

Artwork by Heather Benjamin

Queer Zine flyer by Nate Pyper

David Macke, "Gay Sex is the Answer"


Text Hannah Ongley
Images courtesy of Brooklyn Dirty Book Fair

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