clams casino and lil b prove why they're your favourite odd couple

Press play on their new song about saying no to drugs, money and phoney friends.

by Isabelle Hellyer
13 September 2016, 1:50am

Clams Casino and Lil B, in Witness

Clams Casino and Lil B are about to set out on a co-headlining American tour, and to celebrate they have shared a new collaborative track, Live My Life. It's as motivational and positive as you would expect a Lil B song to be: he might be rap's most consistent optimist. "Put your hands up if you live your life, some days I'm wrong, some days I'm right," he sings, eschewing fake friends, drugs and money. 

2016 marks the eighth year of the duo's creative partnership. In a recent interview with HipHopDX Clams Casino explained how they came to collaborate in the autumn of 2008. "I got his email from one of his many MySpace pages he had at the time. I sent some beats over and the first song we did together was called What's My Name." The producer went on to call Lil B "the most important artist of the internet age."

"All the kids that are coming up now are doing things on their own and not really caring. A lot of that comes from him in how people use the internet. He's inspired a whole generation doing that." The pair's long-running collaboration has surely inspired some 'kids' today too — their first joint tour is a nice way to cement that. Listen to the track below. 

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