even crocs have gone goth

An angsty update on the shoe that will never die.

by Nicole DeMarco
20 June 2019, 6:36pm

Since Christopher Kane sent his metallic, charm-covered Crocs down the runway in 2016, the rubber shoes have taken many forms. We’ve seen sky-high platform Balenciaga Crocs and Alife’s sporty Dad sock version. While each high fashion Croc sighting seems to divide the internet, the humble boating shoe endures. Last year, there was even a surge in Crocs stock! It seems the next natural progression then, would be goth Crocs, covered in chains, spikes, studs, and other pointy metal objects that suggest some degree of internal angst.

A few months back, said Crocs were popping up all over Instagram and Etsy, and earned their moniker from their maker — @garbage_b0y, who sold the custom shoes for upwards of $200. Maybe even to Rico Nasty, who wore them onstage during a performance. “I hate myself for admitting this, but Goth Crocs are kind of iconic idc,” one fan said on Twitter. “The goth crocs stay on during sex,” said another. Now, goth Crocs have made their way into the department store, as the brand has teamed up with Barneys New York to create the 80s punk-inspired XO Croc's collection.

There are five different styles in a range of colors, from the obvious black like your soul black to bubblegum pink with a leopard strap, and they retail from $70 to $90. There are also various pins that nod to New York’s counterculture, like a reimagined green lightning bolt a la David Bowie, leather jackets and red lipstick, and a bumping boombox. We feel another goth phase coming on.