wardrobe.nyc reimagines levi's classic denim staples

For the first time ever, you can buy pieces from the release individually.

by i-D Staff
17 July 2019, 4:03pm

Image by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick.

When Josh Goot and Christine Centenera launched WARDROBE.NYC in 2017, they wanted to change the way the industry approached luxury fashion. Their concept was to create a curated set of minimalist in-season pieces that could be ordered directly by the customer — making it more efficient and sustainable. Each season's release could be paired together, in order to build the perfect wardrobe.

Now, WARDROBE.NYC is shaking things up again with its fourth release 04 DENIM, which includes its take on classic Levi's staples. This time around the label has also teamed up with MATCHESFASHION.COM, where its pieces can be purchased individually for the first time.

Image by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick.

To learn more about the collaboration, i-D spoke with Goot and Centenera.

You're obsessed with the classics — what was it like working with Levi's?
Josh Goot: Levi's were a great partner — not only for their heritage and cultural significance, but for their approach to the design collaboration and process.

How many pairs of 501s have you been through?
Christine Centenera: Hundreds!

Have you got them in various stages of disintegration?
CC: I keep all my jeans - they all tell a story and remind me of different stages in life.

Tell us about the custom fit you created.
CC: Our jeans are inspired by a pair of 501s, with a customized taper, fly details, and side seams that sits forward on the leg. The denim shirt is based on a vintage western from the Levi’s archive, and for women, we've evolved denim skirt designs derived from a 501, and developed a brand new boxy-fit denim jacket.

Image by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick.

What era of denim are you looking to with this collection?
JG: The 90s!

Are there particular men/women you were thinking about for the denim pieces?
JG: We're interested in the idea of democratic luxury — we aim to be inclusive with the design and ranging decisions — striking a balance between current and timeless.

How come you're releasing some of your pieces individually for the first time?
CC: We've had a lot of interest in the individual pieces. Ultimately we want people to wear the clothes, and experience their quality, design and versatility. With MATCHES as a partner, customers have the chance to buy individual pieces for the first time, and tailor looks to their own personal style.

Image by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick.