daily horoscopes: april 19, 2019

The Full Moon in Libra takes center stage, today.

by Jaliessa Sipress
19 April 2019, 1:49pm

The Full Moon in Libra occurs today, and gives us some insight as to what to let in and what to let go of, in order to bring the scales back into balance in our lives.

Read the horoscopes for your rising, Sun, and Moon signs for advice on how to go about doing this.

(March 21-April 19)

The Full Moon in your opposing sign will always reflect back to you your intentions as of late, and their impact. We often think that whatever we intend for something to mean or be to someone is what will come across, when that’s not usually the case. Today, think about when your intention was misread or wasn’t received well, recently. Attempt to assess these situations objectively, without self-judgement, and use this information to tweak your approach to these kinds of situations in the future.

(April 20-May 20)

The thing you need most, right now, is self-compassion. As you undergo your current transitions, everything will be much harder if you also beat yourself up about how you handle this experience. In order to do this, you need to let go of the idea that your life, business, relationship, home, etc, etc, “should” look a certain way, at this point. It is what is, Taurus. The more time you spend focusing on what you don’t have, and where you wish you were, the more miserable you will be with where you are now. Pay attention to where you’re blessed, recognize that you’re doing your best, and just breathe.

(May 21-June 21)

You’re used to using your head to create and sort through your problems, but what about your body and it’s part in moving stagnant energy and exercising stress? If you have been out-of-balance with working things out through your body and using movement as a form of release and creativity, try and get back to that, today, in whatever way feels good and useful to you. When you remain in your head, you can take yourself out of the present moment and experience, but that’s where all of the inspiration and answers live! This Full Moon, come back to the present moment through your body.

(June 22-July 22)

It’s time to let go of what’s keeping you too comfortable. Whether it be a job, relationship, housing situation, or routine way of approaching your work or life, something has got to go. How many times in your life have you grown by being comfortable and safe? Few to none. Real movement forward happens when you are uncomfortable. It gives you room to be creative and the motivation to see things through. So, assess where you can force yourself to feel some discomfort, and take the risk, Cancer.

(July 23-Aug. 22)

If you’ve been hiding in your big visions, it’s time to find ways to make material, grounded shifts in your everyday life to get you closer to them. If you spend your time fantasizing and thinking “what if” these dreams of yours will remain in the realm of fantasy. This Full Moon, think about how you can meet the universe halfway in bringing you what you desire. How can you prepare yourself and your life to be the best place for these blessings to land? This is your task, now.

(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

Think about the ways you can physically lighten your load, right now. How can you let go of material objects that bog you down or that just don’t have a use or place in where you want your life to be? Think of ways to also unburden your physical body of the stress and tension that keeps you from living and feeling fully. This release could also be of things you used to offer, creatively or work-wise, that now feel like a strain. Whatever you identify as some kind of unnecessary weight, use this Full Moon as your excuse to let it all go.

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

It’s your Full Moon of the year. Use this event as a chance to create long lists of gratitude for all you have and purge anything that isn’t on that list but has been taking up space in your life, anyway. It’s a good day to do things that make you cry, laugh, yell, or whatever else provides you with emotional and physical release. You have been carrying a lot, and now is the time to lighten your emotional, physical, and relational load. Know that your abundance is based on your ability to let go, and embrace the process.

(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

This Full Moon is your time to relax and relinquish control of all of the things you’ve been worrying about or fussing over. Whatever is supposed to come will come, right now, and whatever is on it’s way out you will be better off without. Think about what kinds of activities and company helps you to really be present and not focus on what is out of your control. Fill your time with these things so that you can enjoy where you are in your life now, and call in more of these affirming experiences.

(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

It’s a good day to go out and look for inspiration. If the thing that has been the biggest buzzkill for you is needing to be “original” and refusing to look to others to light your fire, this needs to change. We’re all making the same things over and over in new and different ways. Your voice matters no matter how loud other people have already been about what you want to talk about or address. Don’t stop yourself before you even get going, Sagittarius. Go out into the world, eyes wide open and let yourself create from a sense of playfulness, sans guilt or restriction.

(Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

The biggest breakthroughs in your life, now, will come when you release the need to know what is going to “come out” of what you’re doing. External success is a fickle moving target that, once reached, is often anticlimactic and puts even more pressure on you to keep performing according to what others deem important and interesting. Discard this need for other people to “approve” of the way you want to express yourself and share your opinions. This is stunting your creative process. Do things because you like them and they make you feel good and not for any other purpose.

(Jan. 20-Feb.18)

This Moon is a good time for you to purge any unnecessary information or influence that hasn’t been uplifting you. Have a “if it’s not helping me, it’s hurting me” kind of approach and scour the social media pages you follow, books you have, publications you read, etc. Sever your connection to whatever isn’t directly bringing joy, levity, or expansion into your life. We have more access to information than ever before. Today, make sure your relationship to this world of knowledge is healthy and fulfilling.

(Feb.19-March 20)

It’s the start of some kind of new cycle in your life, Pisces. What do you want that cycle to be? What kind of opportunities, people, and experiences have you been hoping would come your way? Do you feel prepared for these things if they just showed up on your doorstep tomorrow? If not, use this moontime for preparation. Figure out what will get you from where you are now to being as open and welcoming as you can be to what it is that you desire most, and be willing to do the work it requires.