tommy genesis: a free freestyle for anyone to perform

The cover star of i-D's Sounding Off issue delivers a poetic rap about love.

by i-D Staff
05 December 2017, 3:17pm

Play sing-a-long with Canadian-born Tommy Genesis, who explores the complexities of being female, being young and above all, being human in ‘A Free Freestyle for Anyone to Perform’. Shot on a warm, dusky LA evening, follow Tommy on a maroon-hued hike and into a neon-lit garage for a spiritual a capella awakening. Without a beat, the words become hypnotic prayer, and form an eerily powerful mantra in an age of toxic masculinity being splashed all over the nightly news.

Originally printed in i-D’s Sounding Off Issue, Tommy Genesis invites you to perform your own version, and find truth in the words no matter who you are. Grab a hold of the lyrics and speak your heart into the night; someone is always listening.

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Los Angeles
Tommy Genesis