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This weekend thousands marched across the UK in defence of the welfare state and in protest against the government's austerity programme. We hit the streets with them to find out what they stand for.

by i-D Staff
22 June 2015, 1:54pm

Where are you from?

Why are you here?
Because I don't believe the the most vulnerable or underprivileged people in our society should suffer because of the economic irresponsibility of the rich.

What do you stand for?
Socialism. Equality. Free love.

If you were Prime Minister, what would you do?
Reform the education system. Engage children in politics early one and teach them about colonialism.

Do you think you're better off than your parents generation?
Socially, yes. Economically, hell no.

Do the people have the power?
Only time will tell...


Photography Rosie Harriet Ellis

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