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by i-D Staff
18 January 2017, 11:25am

Music video of the week: Young Thug, Wyclef Jean
Obvs. Couldn't have been anything else, really, could it? Wyclef Jean, doesn't feature Wyclef Jean, or even a reference to the ex-Fugee and one-time Haitian president hopeful. But that was the vibe of Thugger Jeffery album, with all the songs named after his heroes (Floyd Mayweather, Rihanna, famous dead gorilla Harambe). In a similar spirit, Young Thug didn't turn up the video shoot. The director just carried on making the video, leaving a YT shaped hole in it and filled it in with some descriptive writing on the screen to explain what exactly was meant to happen. What does it feature though? Babes riding small cars. Kids in a full sized cop car. Babes and kids smashing up the cop car. Some police men. A little clip of Thugger eating cheetos on a plane. Oh, and a lot of sarky overdubs. Is it real? Is it all an elaborate prank? Not really bothered either way tbh.

Album of the week: Wiley, Godfather
Our own grime goddess Hattie Collins has got everything you need to know about the grime godfather's new album if you click on this link.

Book of the week: A Kaliningrad Guidebook
i-D fave Gosha Rubchinskiy took all the fash pack to the little Russian enclave of Kaliningrad last week for a Baltic adventure that combined his trademark skaters in Russia vibe with a football terraces attitude, an adidas collab for the Russian World Cup, and some gorge headwear from the one and only Stephen Jones. Tempted to follow in his footsteps and make the trip the city Formerly Known As Konigsberg? Well INRUSSIA have got you covered, as they've been working on this beautiful travel book/tourist guide to the city. It was presented to guests at the Gosha show in Kaliningrad's Regional Center of Youth Culture, which as the guide states, occupies the building of the Königsberg Stock Exchange, but you too will soon have the chance to get your own grubby Gosha-loving hands on it. 

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Travel to see this, this week: Cy Twombly at the Pompidou
What? You didn't see this yet? It's been on since November! What have you been doing? It's almost finished. Book your Eurostar now, head to Paris, go see this amazing retrospective dedicated to Cy Twombly, only one of the best painters of the 20th Century, and the first dedicated to him since his death in 2011. An artist who makes work so cryptic, beautiful, and full of emotion, that it's got me welling up just thinking about it.

Protest of the week: The Women's March
2017 eh, carrying right on where 2016 left off. Trump is still President-elect, Brexit is on viagra, getting harder and harder and gearing up to screw us all. Our heroes keep dying (former England manager Graham Taylor the latest icon to draw out the black squares on Instagram). We don't have to stand for this though. In protest of the incoming racist, misogynist, ableist, and just about everything else-ist Commander-in-Chief, on Saturday, the day after his inauguration (which is looking like it'll be a fucking dire party you'll want to make up any excuse to avoid), up to 200,000 are expected to turn up. There's sister marches planned across the world, so no excuses for not standing up and shouting for what you believe in.

Film to see this week: La La Land
The all-singing, all-dancing film you have to see this week if you want to have something to talk about on Monday morning. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make musicals cool again! Musicools! Maybe. It's directed by Damien Chazelle, whose previous film was Whiplash, a v diff kind of musical about an abusive drum teacher whose methods are unconventional, but boy, does he get the best out of his students. 

Ill-advised name change of the week: Glastonbury
Which is being renamed the Variety Bazaar, and moving to the Midlands, for one year only. Yeah, us either. It'll still rain. It'll still be muddy. It'll still be fun. You can still watch it on the TV if you prefer.

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