fashion week #fomo will reach new highs this season

Instagram is launching a dedicated NYFW section.

by Alice Newell-Hanson
08 September 2015, 4:40pm

Fashion and Instagram go together like supermodels and selfie sticks. During the last New York Fashion Week, in March 2015, Instagram counted "140 million likes and comments on fashion-week related photos, and 25 million people engaged with fashion week-related content," WWD reports. (For scale: the population of New York City is roughly 8.5 million.) And the platform's CEO, Kevin Systrom (aka @kevin), has long been savvy about cultivating that natural relationship.

So the news today that Instagram will launch a special New York Fashion Week feature may not be surprising, but it's still pretty cool. This morning, WWD announced that the app will debut "The Best of Fashion Week Updated Daily By @Instagram" on Friday. This new space will live at the top of the "Explore" page on Instagram, and will host a curated selection of the most exciting NYFW content, as chosen by the Instagram team (who sift through approximately 70 million posts daily) -- no doubt with input from the company's new head of fashion, longtime Instagram queen Eva Chen.

After years of trawling through the same runway snaps - blurry, framed with silhouettes of other people's iPhones and hairdos - the new feature holds the promise of uncovering fresh perspectives on the shows. It also fits in with Systrom's plan to help burst the fashion bubble -- often at its most impenetrable during fashion month. "Our goal is not to replace any specific experience, but the idea is: connecting our community to the world as it happens," he told i-D earlier this year. "Rather than replacing a single event, it lets you access many more events, all at once. So it also democratizes it."

The news comes days after Givenchy extended its show invitation to 800 members of the general public. And, earlier today, Ralph Lauren announced that it will live stream the Ralph Lauren Collection show via Periscope, which has over 10 million users. (Ralph Lauren has been winning the tech game for a while now. Never forget the brand's spring/summer 15 hologram show.)

This will also be the first season without the reliable, more industry-focused coverage of (R.I.P.). Fashion people and civilians were already transitioning towards using Instagram as a primary resource for show coverage, and today's news only reinforces that shift. Hopefully this season we'll get better runway grams - but there'll also be more FOMO than ever.


Text Alice Newell-Hanson
Photography Harry Carr

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