the make-up and the hair (low) down with the kahlani twins

​Double the giggles and double the grins, meet the Kahlani twins, hair and make-up maestros. Sisters Danielle and Nicole are one part make-up, one part hair and all-round beauty babes.

by Bojana Kozarevic
20 November 2014, 12:35pm

With their bright, poptastic and girliscious aesthetic, Danielle and Nicole are creating looks that are youthful and sincere, energetic and vivacious. From editorial to advertising, the two sisters are travelling the world with their fun style. i-D meets the sisters of the HMU world.

How did you get into make-up?
After art school we made a joint decision to work in fashion, deciding make-up would be a great way for us to incorporate what we learnt in art school to fashion.
Nicole: I studied art at school and then went on to study a fine art foundation course, but fashion was always on my mind so went to study hair and makeup in London College of Fashion.

What makes someone beautiful?
D: It's a tough question as there's so many different ways to be beautiful. Aesthetically speaking, good skin, a sense of self and distinguishing features. But it's hard to define, a beautiful person, inside or out, is a beautiful person.
N: Inner beauty, their presence, something kind behind the eyes... confidence, individuality, youth and intelligence.

What is the most interesting thing about contemporary hair and make-up?
Because everything's been done you have to reinvent it all over again, breaking down conventions.
N: Anything goes, influences come from everywhere around the world, it's a celebration of all cultures, but always understated and real.

What are your biggest inspirations?
Colour, film and people whose desire it is to be different.
N: Film! Iconic characters, the mood of the film, where it has been shot, the colours and era. Music bands and artists that influence fashion. Their hair is a massive part of their look.

Do you always work together?
As much as we can!
N: We love working together, it's our dream, but we also work separately which helps us grow as artists, helping us to see beyond our twin bubble.

You work with musicians a lot, do you love creating stage looks?
Yes, because you tend to work with them, rather than for them.
N: I love working with musicians, because you really help them look and feel comfortable. It's a lot more personal than fashion and it's always developing, growing as they grow as an artist, adding to their persona on stage.

Who would you love to work with?
David Bowie, Bjork, Lindsey Wixson and Meryl Streep are the first that come to mind. Designer wise I would love to work with Alexander Wang and Comme Des Garcons.
N: Miu Miu, Daphne Guinness, Tank Girl and Chloë Sevigny to name a few.

You're part of a new generation of hair and make-up artists, how do you think yours differs?
Social media has had a massive influence, being able to get our work seen all round the world without publications; creating a profile and name for yourself by your own means.

What are the most important things to remember when creating a beauty or hair look?
You want to create something different but at the same time not to be different just for the sake of being different.
N: Creativity, fashion focused, individual, inspiring, suited to the model and story.

What are some of the funniest shoots you've worked on?
Shooting with 5 Seconds of Summer is always fun, as they have a funny way of entertaining each other.

You guys travel a lot, does this inspire you? What are your favourite places?
Love Scandinavia for its scenic beauty. LA for the sun and New York which is just a cool city and something is always happening.
N: I love traveling, its one of the main reasons why I do my job. I work well knowing that I am always changing and moving. I'm lucky enough to see the world and get inspired by the culture and history of the city. I adore LA because it has such an amazing music history, you can really feel it when you are there.

What rules are there to be broken?
I don't think there are rules to be honest, there is never one way to do something, if a rule gets in the way of something looking good, get rid of the rule.
N: The most important thing is not to follow the crowd but inspire and be an individual in your field. That way you'll be remembered and stand out from the crowd.



Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Olivia Rose

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