a pokémon go dating site now exists

Of course it does.

by Emily Kirkpatrick
22 July 2016, 3:31pm

​Photography Yoshikazu Takada

Do you wish you could find your soulmate without breaking eye contact with the best iPhone game ever created? If your answer is yes, then brace yourself: all your dating dreams are about to come true. Pokémon Go is already helping the cell phone carrying masses get outside, get fit, and occasionally get robbed, and now it's also here to help you find love.

PokéDates is a new service launched by matchmaking company Project Fixup to help all the lonely trainers out there find their perfect catch. Users simply answer a few basic questions about themselves, what they're looking for in a potential partner, and any deal breakers. Then, after they've plugged in a list of dates and times they're available, a team of matchmakers get to work, going through PokéDates' database of users, and sending both Poké fans an email with the details of when and where to meet to "catch 'em all together."

Finding your Poké life partner doesn't come cheap, though. While the first date is free, each subsequent date will cost you $20, and unless you're over the age of 25 living in the U.S. or Canada, you're going to have to go about courtship the old-fashioned way.

But really, what's dropping an Andrew Jackson in the face of true love? After all, who knows, you just might find your very own human equivalent of that extra rare Vaporeon.

Now if Pokémon Go could just find a way to also keep you clothed, bathed, and fed, you'd never have to leave your local PokéStop again.


Text Emily Kirkpatrick
Photography Yoshikazu Takada via Flickr

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