anti-agency - for people who are too cool to be models!

From the first issues of i-D and the rise of straight-up photography, to Meadham Kirchhoff’s last show starring real girls on the catwalk, London street style has shaped the way we experience fashion. With an ever growing demand for street cast models...

by Dean Kissick
24 April 2014, 10:15pm


24-year-old London stylists Lucy Greene and Pandora Lennard started Anti-agency as a reaction against the traditional model agency. They're creating the world's sexiest street-casting collective, "for people who could've been models and decided not to, for people who are too cool to be models!" It's not about how tall you are or how many shows you've walked in, it's about personality, individuality and creativity - about dancers, musicians and writers with something to say and aspirations outside of modelling.

Lucy's favourite street is…
Berwick Street, Soho.

Pandora's favourite street is…
Kensington Palace Gardens, have you seen it?!

They cast…
Everywhere! Mainly from friends of friends, people we meet out, people we've stalked who we think are doing something interesting or cool with themselves. We never really intentionally go out to scout people.

Not really into the whole scouting outside Topshop vibe. It's all a bit naff. We prefer to meet people through friends or check them out on Facebook and get an idea of their personality and interests, not just the way they look.

A recession…
Always breeds creativity and individuality in street style that trickles up to designer brands. Although high street brands are so quick to copy designers now that high fashion rip offs are more readily available on the streets; it's a shame because it really squashes people's instinct to create unique street style.


Text Dean Kissick
Photography Marius Hansen

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