professional badass ruby rose will cohost the ema awards

Sure she’s tougher than co-host Ed Sheeran, but will the ‘Orange Is the New Black’ star out ‘dirrty’ 2003’s pop icon host?

by Emily Manning
30 September 2015, 6:35pm

Image via @rubyrose

Sure, a lot of crazy shit goes down at the VMAs. But it shouldn't take more than this video of Christina Aguilera (whose 2003 EMA hosting gig involved trap doors, nun costumes, and an a capella church choir singing her NSFW hit Dirrty) to convince you that MTV saves enough crazy for its overseas offshoot, the European Music Awards. XTina's Dirrty days ended long ago but this year, the EMAs will replace her with an equally badass host: Ruby Rose.

Earlier this afternoon, the Orange Is the New Black star announced on Twitter that she'd [Rose identifies as gender-fluid but has stated a preference for she/her pronouns] be co-hosting the event with far less tough Taylor Swift affiliate Ed Sheeran. Playing on the pair's polarizing dichotomy, MTV billed the event as "a cute and badass show" in its promotional poster, which sees a sunshiny Sheeran strumming a ukulele while Rose hoists a flaming bouquet of roses. The EMAs will air on October 25, which gives Rose plenty of time to perfect Catholic Christina's show stopping move: ripping off a habit to reveal some assless leather chaps.


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