watch kaytranada’s 'lite spots,' a different kind of dance video

As the producer prepares for the release of his debut album by pitting man against machine, we discuss the process and inspirations behind the video with its director, Martin C. Pariseau.

by Tom Ivin
12 May 2016, 1:07pm

We can't get enough of Kaytranda's glitchy, foot-shuffling "Light Spots." The track — which samples 70s Brazilian singer Gal Costa's "Pontos De Luz" (literally translating as 'Light Spots') — is a future summer classic. Now, after shooting videos for Ryan Hemsworth and Coeur de Pirate, Canadian director Martin C. Pariseau has delivered a suitably vibey visual accompaniment; we've got the full package. Fusing together b-boying and a robo-best friend that lights up when he dances, the video takes us on a tour around LA to meet a host of the city's finest breakers. As Pariseau's latest video is helping Kay's meteoric rise to the top, we caught up with the director to hear about the processes and inspirations behind the video, as well as his future ambitions.

Where are you right now?
I'm in the Jamaican jungle with Allan Kingdom and Chronixx.

Where was this video shot? The weather looks amazing!
In Los Angeles. We scouted the location on Google Street View then hired someone in LA to take real pictures! The weather was definitely on our side for this project. Sometimes the stars have to align for a thing like this to happen.

First thing that strikes me is the feeling of wild abandon — how did you create that emotion on set?
Well first of all, Kevin and I are friends so that helps a lot. I also feel he's such a creative person that "acting" was a fun challenge for him.

There's been a long string of dance videos recently, but this feels like something more special. Why do think that is?
I don't know if it's more special but I get what you're saying... I guess it's because it doesn't take itself too seriously and features a different spectrum of dances.

There looks like there was a lot of CGI in this. Can you describe the process?
Well that's a long conversation that always finishes with a shout out to Nicholas Cabana and his crew, Evren Boisjoli, Sebastien Bruneau, and Vladmir.

Do you have a favorite music video?
Pusha T's "Numbers on the Board."

What else inspires you?
The people I love.

This video has such a loose, easy feeling, and having read the recent Fader article about his personal life, would you say that this marks a new beginning for Kaytranada?
Kaytranada is not done surprising you, that's for sure.

Finally, are there any artists or performers you'd love to make a video for?
I'd love to work with Stormzy or anyone at Boy Better Know, for real.

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