video premiere: jordan max, 'hell'

Go cinematic with the talented newcomer's debut music video.

by i-D Staff
18 April 2016, 4:39pm

Jordan Max has a voice that stops you dead: raspy, full of power, unshowy but straight to heart. Jordan actually began his career producing garage, baseline and drum 'n' bass in his native Oldham before discovering the classic American soul sounds of Ray Charles and Sam Cooke. Somewhere in between those two worlds sits Jordan's new music, pinned on the spatial nuances of modern bass music, and the timeless socio-political power of sours. We're proud to premiere the video to his track "Hell," a charged tour through the emotional landscape of his life and youth. "The first track of a dark saga," according to the singer, it's about "the journey from the past to now, how those younger days paved the way to hell. It's real to me, you get see my brothers and where I still am present day. It's not Hollywood, it's Oldham."

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