i-DJ: ellen allien

The Berlin nightlife legend steps into the mix for us with 45 minutes of 100% vinyl.

by i-D Staff
11 May 2015, 9:35pm

Ellen Allien is the DJ, producer, t-shirt designer and all round creative that has carved her own path in the house and techno game. Born in Berlin, Ellen witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and in the resulting surge of creativity and electronic music culture, soon became an integral member in the growth of the city's techno scene. With early residencies at Tresor and E-Werk, Ellen laid down her foundations in the city and soon added label management and running parties to her agenda. Fast forward to today and we see the techno veteran at the helm of one of Berlin's most iconic labels, BPitch Control, continuing to throw parties and design, all whilst keeping up one hell of a hectic DJing schedule. We are super excited to have the BPitch Controller in the mix for i-D with a very special 45-minute blend of pure vinyl. Press play.

What are the top three tracks getting heavy rotation in your sets?
1. DHS, House of God (DHS Remix)
I cant stop playing this track -and the crowd usually freaks out.

2. Ellen Allien, Freak The Night (Radio Slave Remix)
I've been playing it since he finished the remix. The track is in all of my sets since the EP just came out in march on BPitch Control.

3. DJ Metatron (aka Traumprinz), Rave Child
I am a raver and I love tracks that make me rave.

What's the most hedonistic party you've ever been to?
Ahhh… There are so many hedonistic parties I've been to. I love clubs where you can stay a bit longer than a normal night, like Panorama Bar Berlin or Circoloco at DC-10 in Ibiza. With friends, good music and funny people around it can become very special, emotional and of course, extremely funny. It's important to enjoy every minute and not to wait for something. We are the party and it's our energy that makes the party nights or days so special!

What's the most phenomenal clubbing venue in the world and why?
In Berlin, it's Berghain/ Panorama bar, because they don't have the regular closing times like an eight hour night and you can move between two dance floors upstairs and downstairs. I love to walk around in clubs, changing the rooms and listening to different styles of music, dancing to harder sounds or sweet deep sounds. At Panorama Bar, the bar situations are always nice, just to hang out there and have some bonus conservations or fun talks. Clubbing always means communication to me, meeting new people or people I haven't seen for a while.

If you could go back to back with any DJ, at any venue, who would it be and why?
Playing back2back with Derrick May at Movement Festival in Detroit or Kappa Festival in Torino would be the bomb! He is the master of mixing and it always looks like the music crosses his body and soul.

History is made at night... what was the best night of your life?
I had some of the best nights at Bar 25 in Berlin, three days of nonstop clubbing. But you know, there are so many outstanding nights. At Panorama Bar or some off Sonar events at the beach or on the BPitch Control boat. Also the Melt Festival, it's close to Berlin and always features amazing line ups and the perfect crowd in the perfect open air location.

What's the most debauched thing you've ever seen on the dance floor?
Once I was playing a gig in a gay club in Berlin. Suddenly when i was just dropping a Phuture acid tune, I turned my head to the right and saw two guys doing a familiar movement. Fine for me, at least they were fucking to the beat… Hehe!

What does your favorite party dress look like?
Sneakers, leggings or shorts, t-shirt, some earplugs and some lip balm!

What producer are you predicting big things from this year?
Howling did an amazing album that will be huge! Rodhad and Joy Wellboy, a band on BPitch Control. They've just put out their second album!

Where do you go when the record ends and the lights come on?
I walk to the bar and try to get a drink. Most times, the bar is closed already and so we often end up on the street not knowing what to do now. 

What track would you end the night on when everyone's still awake and its time to go to sleep?
Paradise's Deep Groove, I love

What's your party trick?
Not getting too drunk and wearing black sneakers. White shoes or dresses are a party no-go!

Finish the sentence, the music sounds better when...
… we're dancing!


Ellen Allien