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by i-D Team
03 December 2014, 5:05pm

Retitled for i-D's 'Music To' mix series, IDIOS is the latest remix project from producer, songwriter, dancer and performer Kissey. The Stockholm-born multi-talented Swede lives, breathes, sleeps and bleeds with New York, her current and spiritual home. It's something that's felt in each of her creative experiments: Manhattan's electric energy and robotic precision is tangible in her beats, the unsettling edge and sensuality of Brooklyn nights are present in her vocals, Harlem's all-out balls-to-the-wall attitude carries through her live performances.

IDIOS is Kissey's way of saying 'my take;' her personal homage to the expression of her favorite NY artists .A remix project that encapsulates 8 vibrant voices of the city, IDIOS introduces each artist to Kissey's New York, a re-werk that brings them somewhere new entirely. She takes Cakes Da Killa (infamous for his no-nonsense fabulousness and 'High Tides' mixtape) into gothic apocalyptic mayhem, the sublime softness of Denitia and Sene gets shaken into an ominous midnight escapade, her partner-in-crime TK Wonder (whose forthcoming EP is produced by Kissey) gets transported to a dissonant, spatial soundscape somewhere in the future. And it's invigorating to hear Kissey bring the likes of Chargaux (featured on Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe), Pegasus Warning (Jamie Lidell's compadre, released on Plug Research), and Bebe Panthere (Effie Liu of French Horn Rebellion) into the wild unknown. "I never listen to the complete song before I remix them," Kissey explains, "It's more of me being with the acapella. I wanted to take artists from my real world and surroundings and bring them to my darker, nighttime sound."

IDIOS cover is a collaboration between Kissey, photographer Wenjun Liang, stylist Karolina Brock, designer Peter Do, and makeup artist Kumiko Hirose.

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