princess nokia's ode to nasir mazhar

Destiny Frasqueri, or Princess Nokia to you, is the pretty Puerto Rican cyber princess already making waves with her album Metallic Butterfly and her lead track Dragons. Part gothic, part riot grrrl, all good, Princess Nokia has a sound and a look all...

by i-D Team and Adam Fletcher
24 September 2014, 5:15pm

Samuel Bayliss-Ibram

Whilst in London I was lucky enough to be invited to the Nasir Mazhar studio to take part in a shoot wearing the toiles from his never before seen spring/summer 15 which would then be presented a couple of days later at his show. I was welcomed kindly to a world of brilliance and inspired by clothes that make a difference both in fashion and in myself.

His new collection is a palette of rich solids (in cobolt blue, rich brown reds and beige) with a tiny cyber accents of lime green and white, which are given space to breathe with form fitting cut-outs and bandage wrapping. It's a fresh take on sporty couture and urban anime inspired aesthetics. Each look on the runway stood out as an individual ensemble, breaking cliches along the way.

All clothing Nasir Mazhar
Hair Sharmaine Cox
Make-up Daisy Harris-d'Andel using MAC
Nail technician Ellie Harry using WAH
Model Princess Nokia

Defying any pretence, Nasir's collection embeds a strong ethnic influence in his models and overall taste. It is clear he directly celebrates women of colour and presents them on the runway.

In the show room, I was taken by the seemingly simple structure of the collection, that when you examine closer, is more intricate than meets the eye or what can be seen on the runway. The garments are new age high fashion that are both innovative and easy to wear. 

A Nasir piece may seem limited in its appeal, but that certainly is not the case. The practical accessibility makes me envision a futuristic utopia as a societal fashion norm.

With Nasir, it's the details that makes the woman. The collection is high tech and sexually rich without the typical vulgarity. It signals a higher transition and is a beautiful collection that is both intoxicating and high end.

It gave me deep joy to converse and spend the day sharing fashion, inspiration and mutual likeness with Nasir and Sam.


Text Princess Nokia
Photography Samuel Bayliss-Ibram
Hair Sharmaine Cox
Make-up Daisy Harris-d'Andel using MAC
Nail technician Ellie Harry using WAH
Model Princess Nokia
All clothing Nasir Mazhar

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