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After cutting her teeth in the bands of music notables such as Kwes, Kate Tempest and JUCE, Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist GEoRGiA aka West Londoner Georgia Barnes is stepping out on her own with her debut EP release, Come In. Thoughtful lyrics...

by Lynette Nylander
25 July 2014, 6:50pm

How did you get into music?
I can't remember when I got into music really; I've always been into it through my dad and him playing me loads of records when I was very young, probably around 9, I can't remember. Then I picked up the drums and kept going really but I've always been into it.

So you can play lots of instruments then?
Yeah. Keyboard, piano, guitar, I'm quite a good guitarist. Bass, triangle, a thing called a kora, which is an African instrument! I play the congas. I was actually in a Latin band for a bit!

You're a basically a one-man band. You could literally play everything if you weren't performing.
Yeah but the thing that got me was when I got my computer and got Logic, and really started listening to electronic music and listening to the sounds and wanting to be able to create mad sounds using all the instruments, getting into the production side. That's where I wanted to take it all.

You've been a session drummer for quite a few people, what do you think being a session drummer has taught you about live performances?
It's taught me so much. Just being in different environments for different artists. Them asking me how I can improve their show, and me thinking myself how I can improve their show has just been so important in my development. It was also a step forward, it was a way in. It gave me the confidence to go on and do my music as well.

Your EP Come In has just been released. Why did you choose Be Ache as your first single?
It was actually Katie at Kaya Kaya who was like, 'yeah we should go with this one.' Yeah, Be Ache, I wrote in one night. It was very instantaneous. It was very like, ''this is who I am.'' It's got the vocal effect on it. It hits you immediately, kind of like a slap in the face.

And the response has already been really good.
Yeah, it's insane.

When was the moment where you felt like you were onto something, was it when Zane Lowe played it?
I think it was just my friends around me telling me I was onto something. Obviously getting a play on radio, it's means yeah, I'm onto something. I'm on the right track. I think it was mainly getting a nice team around me, supporting me because I wouldn't have done it. I'm quite a shy person. I probably would have just been in the studio or something. But now I've got the confidence.

Who are you influenced by? Multi-layered was something I kept thinking about when I was listening to your music. Different layers of sounds that got to this harmonious chord at the end. I think the beginning of Be Ache is so strange, like it's so kind of broken and fractured throughout the whole song, and then you reach the end in a crescendo and this really nice calm at the end where you feel like everything makes sense.
Frank Ocean. That was influenced by Frank Ocean. That little drop in the middle I wanted it to be like a Frank Ocean bit.  That Channel Orange album was for me one of the best RnB pop album for years. I was really into listening Oneohtrix Point Never. The beginning bit is very much influenced by that soundscap-ey vocal and deep bass. I like TNIGHT, The Knife and DJ Rashad. All electronic music basically. It was quite a strange one because I did it in a night. It was a bit of a mistake actually!

How would you describe your music?
Hmm, probably electronic pop, actually. I don't mind using the word pop.

You're not afraid of it?
No, not at all. I listen to pop music all the time. My vocals are very much influenced by pop music. Classic pop, new pop, I then produce is a culmination of things that I love. I always listen to Timberland and Missy. If I can do something like that then I'm on the right track.

A lot of people are afraid or don't want to be labelled as that but at the end of the day, music is meant to make you feel good, you just want to listen to the next track and feel good about yourself.
Yeah, I mean it's not classic pop but it's got nuances. You know I always want a hook, and that comes from pop music.

Or this kind of synthy, soul-y thing.
What is that?! Synth soul? What is it?

Are you conscious of being caught up in the Soundcloud movement or  people trying to categorise you?
No, I'm not, I don't even think about it , I just want to do the sound that I like, and make it sound good, and then leave it up to whoever is writing about it. I don't really want to take that into consideration too much. I just want to keep doing, and pushing myself and whatever happens happens.

So what do you find exciting? You're producing music.
I think production is reaching such an incredible level, I'm really interested in software. I'm listening to Arca and thinking what software is he using to create those sounds.  I'm interested in technology influencing where music is going, especially the field of music I'm in, electronic music. I think it's really exciting at the moment and hopefully somewhere down the line I can be there, push it and make my mark.

And what's next?
Live, shows. and then an album next year, probably.

You're just going to enjoy the EP, and get that out there.
Yeah. Maybe it will be sooner, I don't know. That's what's exciting. I'm trying to get it sounding really good, I want Kanye to be like, ''Have you heard that Georgia, yeah she's pretty good, I'm gonna fly her out.''



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