ny indie label to release music by ben stiller’s teen punk band, capital punishment

Because there's more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking: punk music

by Francesca Dunn
30 March 2015, 3:51pm

Fresh from flashing his best blue steel at Paris Fashion Week in honor of Zoolander 2, Ben Stiller has announced during a radio interview that music he made during his teens with Capital Punishment would be re-released. "I was in a ridiculously weird band," Ben said of the group he formed with his high school friends while growing up in New York. With Stiller on drums, they were inspired by the likes of David Bowie and Brian Eno and while they used a friend's rehearsal space, they never actually had any gigs. Capital Punishment went on to write and record self-released LP Roadkill in 1986, but were eventually lost and forgotten. When independent Brooklyn label Captured Tracks got in touch recently about the album, Ben and former classmate/bandmate Kriss Roebling were apparently surprised but agreed to a re-release. "What happened was some outsider music label - people who are just into weird music - I guess it's been found and they asked us if they could re-release it!" Stiller explained to Howard Stern of SiriusXM. Captured Tracks have since tweeted that they are very excited to be working with Ben and have uploaded Capital Punishment's Confusion which is actually pretty damn good!


Capital Punishment
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