'heathers' is getting an lgbtq-friendly tv remake

The dark 80s comedy is entering 2016 with a more diverse cast of suicidal characters.

by Taylor Ford
17 March 2016, 8:05pm

Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw: Heathers is getting a reboot.

Our favorite social political commentary masked as an 80s teen movie has never felt more relevant than in today's increasingly bullying-aware culture, so it's only fitting the television remake will take place in the present day with this major update: The Heathers will no longer fit the thin, white Brat Pack stereotype.

This time,THR reports, the outcasts will become high school royalty and much more diverse. The popular clique will include an African-American lesbian, a male who identifies as gender-queer, and a body positive plus-size girl. The anthology style series will follow a new group of "Heathers" each season giving everyone an equal chance to sip Slurpees and murder their classmates.

The cast list is yet to be announced, so it's still unknown who will fill the loafers of the Heathers, play the murderous (yet also somehow dreamy?) J.D. or replace Winona Ryder as oregano-loving Veronica, but here's to hoping the TV Land series doesn't blow — like Westerburg High.

Lick it up baby, Lick. It. Up.


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