​bey serenades jay with new single 'die with you'

Beyoncé celebrates her wedding anniversary by releasing a ballad on Tidal.

by Tish Weinstock
06 April 2015, 12:50pm

It's a sad day for Spotify, as Tidal, Jay Z's music streaming service, gets its first big exclusive hit and it's from none other than his missus. Yes, that's right, queen of the stealth music release, Bey, just dropped one of the most romantic songs of all time and dedicated it to her bae. With more soul than a church choir, on April 4th, Mrs Carter celebrated her seventh wedding anniversary by serenading her husband with lyrics like "Darling, I wake just to sleep with you, I open my eyes so I could see with you, and I live so I can die with you."

Accompanying the three and a bit minute track is one of the sweetest homemade videos you'll ever see, featuring a doe-eyed, loved-up Bey tinkering on the ivories while looking into the camera and smiling lovingly at the cameraman, who is later revealed to be none other than your boy Jigga himself. To listen to the greatest love song of 2015, head over to Tidal (although shhhhh! There are a few bootlegged versions swimming around the net…). In the meantime, head over to Beyoncé's Instagram for a clip she shared.

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