five things to expect from house of cards season three

A small taster, for those that are as impatient for Netflix arrivals as Frank Underwood is for unmitigated amounts of power.

by Caroline Corcoran
27 February 2015, 10:15am

First Lady Claire
Watch the Hillary Clinton steel in Claire Underwood's eyes as she looks to make her role in Frank's government much more than just looking beyond beautiful in evening wear. She succeeds of course, by being smart, deferential (when required), momentarily controversial and the Underwood administration's face of compassion.

Viktor Petrov
After two seasons of watching Frank trample anyone who threatened to stop his ascension to power, this season we see him meet a rival in ruthlessness in perhaps the only form that could now ever come in: the current president of Russia. Meet President Petrov: divorcee, dance fan, purveyor of the inappropriate kiss and a man with an inordinate tolerance for doing after-dinner shots of expensive vodka.

Claire's Fashion Moments
In a sea of Washington suits, Claire's fitted dresses, stilettos and pencil skirts are the stuff fashion dreams are made of. But it's when off-duty that Claire's style really gets interesting in this season. Preppy slacks and flats, crisp white shirts and knits, casual sweatshirts, glasses, bare feet and her silk pajamas: perfect for quietly stalking the White House corridors in the middle of the night to deliver strongly-worded ultimatums to Frank.

Under Pressure Frank
We've always seen Frank on the way up. Now he's at the peak, it's time to see the backlash, which makes the dynamic between Frank and his team particularly interesting. Seeing Frank under pressure also means that we'll get a little more insight into his character beyond the fact that he is a ruthless power-crazed psychopath.

That Brilliantly Odd Frank And Claire Play
When we saw Claire and Frank have a threesome with their security guard last season, it wasn't that surprising, such is their dynamic. This season, there's the suggestion it may even manifest in a negative way when Claire's thrown by questions about her marriage in an unlikely situation during her visit to Russia. From everything to their sleeping arrangements, to the oddly measured way they speak to each other, to the occasional sweet moment sharing a cigarette at the window, the Claire and Frank alliance remains by far the most fascinating aspect of the show as a whole.

House Of Cards is on Netflix starting today.


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