watch the first episode of tyler, the creator’s new tv show right here

It’s called Nuts and Bolts.

by Georgie Wright
14 September 2017, 2:32pm

Dim your screen and flick on incognito mode folks, because we've got just the thing for you to skive off your next 22 minutes of hardcore spreadsheeting with. The first episode of Tyler, the Creator's TV show! Not just the trailer! The whole thing! You're welcome.

The show's called Nuts and Bolts, and was made by our friends at VICELAND. The premise is simple: Tyler has question. Tyler gets answer. From the looks of the trailer, a sample of the perplexing conundrums pertain to donuts, time travel, mustard, go karts, and drilling holes into tree trunks.

In Hard Hitting Investigation Number One, Tyler ponders: how is stop motion animation made? Find out how Tyler finds out the answer right here, right now. And if your boss asks, tell them that it's highly educational resource and that they can shove their Excel formulas right up their misaligned decimal place. Or something like that.

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