9 young los angeles photographers shoot their city

From Silverlake to Venice, West Hollywood to Downtown, we asked Los Angeles's new generation of photographers to tell us the story of their city in photographs. This is LA, from sunrise to sunset.

by i-D Staff
09 October 2017, 8:05am

This article originally appeared in i-D's The Acting Up Issue, no. 349, Fall 2017

People think LA is Hollywood or the beach, but to me it's a lot of lost children, raised with no parents. These are the boys of the Imperial Courts in Watts. I've been in these boys' lives for six years. There were guys from down here who helped me during a tough time in my life, and through fate or whatever I ended up back in the neighborhood helping these kids." -Daniel Regan

"The beautiful and the ugly, the ever-changing landscape, the most mesmerizing sunsets, that's LA. Expect the unexpected and be open to weird and wonderful adventures." -Imogene Barron

"There's also a nostalgia here, it's not mine, but you can't help but feel it." -Jory Lee Cordy

"Los Angeles has this reputation for being tacky. But there's a generation of designers right now, who are really punk. They're promoting inclusion, diversity, and acceptance. It's really beautiful." -Grace Pickering

"Energy and open-mindedness, experimentation and fearlessness – that sums up everything I'm loving about LA these days." -Chantal Anderson

"An old dusty broken down car and Bee. We just had some beers and watched the sun set from Silverlake. My resounding feeling of LA is just how nice the light is." -Isaac Marley Morgan

"Sunsets and palm trees. A city full of energy. A city full of sunshine. A city you can actually live in." -Atiba Jefferson

"I like to drive, something about going forward and having a destination gets my thoughts flowing. I'm happiest when moving." -Olivia Bee

"Venice has a rich history of skateboarding. Haden was born and raised in Dogtown, he knows the history, but he's creating something himself. That's LA. Constant reinvention with a sense of what came before." -Mike Omeally

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