Photography Arielle Baron. 

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The new collection by Alexia Elkaim takes inspiration from classic French design.

by Victoria Jesionek
13 September 2018, 7:26pm

Photography Arielle Baron. 

Since its inception in 2016, the label Miaou has garnered a cult celebrity following, with powerhouses like Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, and Jorja Smith obsessing over designer Alexia Elkaim's sleek, 90s-inspired designs. The simple silhouettes, cheeky prints, and signature grommets have solidified the brand as a go to staple for international it-girls on the go.

Elkaim is now branching out from denim and onto unexplored terrain: Miaou Sport. “I decided to do a sports line because I was designing really feminine, constructed pieces but a part of me wasn’t represented in the collection, which is comfort.”

Pulling from her extensive fashion knowledge, Elkaim was inspired by vintage Courrèges and Liz Claiborne, teetering between high fashion and cozy sport. Her new line consists of cropped windbreakers, bucket hats, and logo graphics, nestling into the fashion/sport category seamlessly.

“I’m inspired by eras, and I think I make clothes that are statement pieces," she says of the decidedly statement-y collection. Nothing like a crispy, all white set to turn heads. See the collection below.

Miaou Sport is available at Nordstrom from today.


Photographer: Arielle Baron.

Makeup: Kali Kennedy.

Models: Hayley Ashton, Paloma Elsesser, Victoria Jesionek.

Paloma Elsesser