n.e.r.d. is back with a new single featuring rihanna

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

by Frankie Dunn
01 November 2017, 4:28pm

Screenshot via YouTube

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Following a series of cryptic "No One Ever Really Dies" posters plastered around Tyler's Camp Flog Gnaw Festival this weekend, N.E.R.D. just released their first music in seven whole years. Not only that, but the single in question, " Lemon," features Rihanna on both the track and shaving someone's head in the accompanying video "tutorial." How much would you pay to have RiRi shave your head? We would pay a lot. As someone on twitter just proclaimed, "This is pure sonic holy water." As the lyrics foreshadow, you'll be bouncing around. So go bounce.

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