Read this unreleased poem by Tupac Shakur

by Tom George
26 August 2020, 10:15am

Image via Creative Commons

Despite the fact it’s been nearly 25 years since his death, the world is forever hungry for new Tupac material. In an article for Rock The Bells, Cheryl ‘Salt’ James of Salt-N-Pepa fame indulged the world’s continuing obsession with the multitalented star, opening up about her close relationship with the rapper and how she encouraged him through letters while he was serving time at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility. “He felt like the whole world was turning against him and he was unjustly in prison,” Cheryl wrote. “I told him that he could turn away from negativity and turn away from sin. He could have this new relationship directly with God.” She also revealed that the legendary rapper spent his time there studying various religious books, seeking his own interpretation of faith. 

In the moving poem called 4 What It’z Worth -- sent to Cheryl in his letters and written just a year before the 25-year old's death -- Tupac wrote about his current emotional state of mind, finding beauty within the pain and resilience in times of struggle.

The release of the poem comes just as Sotheby’s have announced an auction of Tupac’s love letters, the Notorious B.I.G’s crown and many more relics of ‘the golden age’ of hip hop, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Queens Public Library Foundation to support their hip-hop programs, as well as Building Beats, a non-profit teaching tech, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to under-served youths through music. Before that though, you can read Tupac’s poem below.

4 What It’z Worth
Am not much 4 pretty wordz and such

Cuz these dayz my pain is deep

But there is alwayz pleasure 2 be found

In timez of struggle and grief

If a tree can grow through New York concrete

Then a thugg can change his heart

If I can survive 5 deadly shotz

We can discover light within the dark

I’m sure u have had timez of misery

All of us experience hurt

But only the strong in spirit survive the wicked world

4 all it’z worth

Salt n Pepa