Is Hood By Air dropping a film next week?

After announcing their return just over a fortnight ago, Shayne Oliver’s cult label has released a cryptic teaser on Instagram.

by Mahoro Seward
04 August 2020, 11:39am

It’s barely been three weeks since Hood By Air announced its long-awaited return, and already it looks like they’re coming through with the goods. Today the brand released a cryptic teaser for a new project on Instagram.

While the glitchy video doesn’t give too much away, the flashing HBA logo -- with the ‘B’ swapped out for the number 13 -- and the “0 8 : 1 3 : 2 0 2 0” caption give us reasonable cause to suspect that we’ll be seeing the first output of Shayne Oliver’s newly-resurrected label in just nine days time.

As for what exactly it is we’ll be seeing? Well, if you’ll allow us to speculate, the movie poster-style credits that flicker on the screen, with repeated mentions of “casting”, “production” and “film”, could be a giveaway. They also mention “Anonymous Club” three times -- along with Hood By Air, HBA and Museum, it’s one of four branches of the relaunched brand. Its function is to act as a talent incubator for emerging artists, musicians and businesses, and the repeated mentions of it suggest that the upcoming project could be a collaboration with one or more of the creatives that are part of the initiative. However, apart from the fact that it’s “based on a novel by Asso”, there’s little to suggest who these collaborators could be.

Though we can’t currently do much more than hypothesise what’s coming our way in just over a week’s time, make sure you’re plugged into the brand’s Instagram for further clues.

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