Tyler Mitchell is hosting a movie night this Friday

Missing the cinema? The i-D cover photographer and filmmaker has just the trick.

by Mahoro Seward
02 April 2020, 1:00pm

Courtesy of Tyler Mitchell

There are many things that we miss under quarantine. And though, through collective creative ingenuity, we’ve managed to come up with a fair few solutions to while away the many, many hours we now find at our disposal, there are some things that just can’t be replicated. Looking at art online doesn’t quite match up to seeing it in the flesh. Quaffing tinnies in your garden just isn’t the same as a pint down the pub.

And great as Tiger King is, trips to the cinema are another thing we miss, too. Thankfully, though, Tyler Mitchell is going to great lengths to scratch what we thought was an unreachable itch, bringing the cinema to you at home. This Friday, the i-D cover photographer and videographer is launching Night at the Cinema, a 24-hour online movie and video night.

The idea derives from Night at the Museum, a nighttime program Tyler had originally developed for his solo show I Can Make You Feel Good at New York’s International Center of Photography Museum. In light of the pandemic, however, he’s decided to translate the experience online. “I've always wanted to break down the physical boundaries of museums so that anyone can participate as long or as little as they want to,” he explains. “While we're all at home behind our computer screens, Night at the Cinema is my way of taking a first stab at that.”

The live stream will kick off on Friday 3 April at 7pm EST running till the same time on Saturday 4 April. Under the theme of 'Americana/I Can Make You Feel Good’, Tyler will curate a selection of content ranging from feature films -- including Paris, Texas and The Farewell -- to artist interviews to random internet ephemera, with participants invited to chat with each other as they follow along. “It's 24 hours of what I look at as live freestyle video DJing,” says Tyler. “And it's all about forming a community, enjoying great films -- long or short, arthouse or mainstream -- and joining along for the ride.”

Well, that’s our Friday night sorted. Fancy joining? Head to icmyfg.com or Tyler’s Twitter and Instagram for info on how to sign up!

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