Meet the pets with more followers than you on Instagram

They're better than you.

by Lucas Mascatello
13 May 2021, 7:00am

A longer version of this story appears in Buffalo Zine no. 13. From memes to influencers, makeup tutorials to pet celebrities, avatars to social media experiments, this issue is all about going viral. We recommend you order a copy here.

“You humans choose pets that look like yourselves — this phenomenon, known as the “mere-exposure effect”, is an expression of your tendency to prefer the traits we possess. But for too long, we pets have been left naked and cold. The hottest pets should wear the hottest clothes, it’s simple as that. In a world of luxury where people can spend their money on glacial water and virtual real estate, why not adorn your most beloved companion in the latest, most fashionable wares? More than an accessory, we’re your doppelgängers, your soulmates, your mini-mes, so treat us as such. Forget about lipstick, this pig’s wrapped in a bow, wearing a tiara, struggling to keep its eyes open under all that GLAM. All dogs look good in Dior and a lizard belongs in a cowboy hat. This is about INFLUENCE and FOLLOWERS.”

Buffalo_Viral_1063 1.jpg

Obi Wan 

Obi Wan (@thedoggiedays) has 85k followers and wears vintage sunglasses from NEW YORK VINTAGE and his own jacket

Buffalo_Viral_2328 1.jpg

Coconut & Ella Bean 

Coconut & Ella Bean (@ellabeanthedog) have 123k followers and are on a BALENCIAGA backpack wearing hoodies from FOUND MY ANIMAL

Buffalo_Viral_1841 1.jpg


Nerve belongs to (@seaweedhoe) and is next to a BALENCIAGA earring.

Buffalo_Viral_1327 1.jpg

Dior & Obi Wan 

Dior & Obi Wan (@thedoggiedays) have 85k followers and are in TELFAR bags.

Buffalo_Viral_2225 1.jpg

Coconut Bean 

Coconut Bean (@ellabeanthedog) has 123k followers wears his own jumper 

Buffalo_Viral_1014 1.jpg

Obi Wan 

Obi Wan (@thedoggiedays) has 85k followers and wears vintage sunglasses from NEW YORK VINTAGE and his own jacket

Buffalo_Viral_0247 1.jpg


Ari (@honeyidressedthepug) has 57k followers wears his own jumper, 
his human Maitri wears full look MIU MIU

Buffalo_Viral_2133 1.jpg

Ella Bean 

Ella Bean (@ellabeanthedog) has 123k followers and wears a jacket by BARKER, a top by LE CHIEN BLEU and vintage glasses from NEW YORK VINTAGE

Buffalo_Viral_2578 1.jpg


Garbanzo (@garbanzonyc) has 8k followers wears a LITTLE BEAST jumper

Buffalo_Viral_0094 1.jpg


Giblet (@gibletthepiglet) has 8k followers wears vintage tiara and bow from NEW YORK VINTAGE

Buffalo_Viral_0852 1.jpg
Buffalo_Viral_0907 1.jpg


Louboutina (@louboutinanyc) has 186k followers and wears her own sunglasses. Her human, Cesar, wears coat, shirt and shorts by LANVIN, boots by TELFAR.


Photography Victor Llorente

Styling Malaika Crawford

Casting and production Oliver Gabe

buffalo zine