st. vincent is taking her musical duo aunt and uncle on tour

“Cue up, Sister Sledge and Jade's, “We Are Family!”

by Georgie Wright
11 January 2018, 1:44pm

Image via Youtube

Family is amazing and St. Vincent is amazing, therefore after some highly scientific calculations we can conclude that St. Vincent taking her family on tour is amazing times two. In an Instagram post, the musician announced that her aunt and uncle Tuck and Patti would be joining her American Fear the Future tour. Tuck and Patti, she explains, are “are an acclaimed duo who have been touching people's hearts worldwide for three decades,” and are “also responsible for my earliest touring experiences.” St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) has gone on to sell out worldwide tours, release five critically acclaimed albums and design a guitar for women that fits under their boobs -- so it’s pretty safe to say that these formative experiences made an excellent mark.

In an interview with Pitchfork last year, Annie said of the pair, “They taught me how to work and about trying to achieve excellence and transcendence through music.” Tuck and Patti have been working together as a musical duo since the 1980s, have been married since 1983, and are one of the very few people that deserve the typically cringeworthy title ‘couple goals’. They also had a hand in St Vincent’s album latest album Masseduction, Pitchfork reports. Evidently the pair helped shape her into the formidable musician she is today, and we owe them a great deal of gratitude and roses thrown at their feet. (Take note, tour attendees).

St Vincent concludes the post by saying, “Cue up, Sister Sledge and Jade's, “We Are Family!”

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