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the instagram duo asking the tough question: what would yeezus wear?

Get the look for less.

by Georgie Wright
24 January 2018, 4:07pm

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It pays to have a mantra every time you get dressed. Something to bear in mind as you layer a mesh bodysuit under your metallic silver puffer jacket and ponder, “Is this… work appropriate?” For Coco Chanel, it was “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Iris Apfel maintains that “If your hair is done properly and you're wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything." For Mariah Carey, it is “Lather me in PVA glue and dip me in a vat of sequins,” probably.

For Californian friends Kathleen and Katie B, the mantra is: “What would Yeezus wear?” The pair have amassed a 95.4k Instagram following by replicating Kanye’s outfits for a fraction of the price. Like those tabloid pullouts telling you Rihanna’s red Christopher Kane dress is available from MissGuided for £19.99 in maroon pleather, but good. It’s not just the messiah Yeezus’s looks they’re taking on -- it’s Kim’s, Kendall’s and Kourtney’s. It’s the duo dressed up as baby North and Saint, it’s them and their friends donning a bunch of full-length body stockings as per Yeezy Season 2.

“I had an outfit on one day I knew I’d seen Kanye wear (I have the most unhealthy internet addiction) and wanted to put my picture side by side with his,” Kathleen explains of the account’s genesis. “Katie B hopped in the pic because she was wearing a similar outfit to Kim and we just thought it was funny. So many people liked it that we decided to do a couple more before work.” But why is it so weirdly fascinating looking at two regular folk dressing up as close approximations of the Kardashians? Is it because people are so obsessed with the Kardashian’s that we’re gagging to see anything that resembles them? Is it the parody of people being so obsessed with Kim and Kanye that they’d do anything to resemble them? Is it grown women dressed up as babies?

“I think it’s fascinating to look at pop culture trends like fashion and entertainment, plus how the public obsesses over celebrity. This is sort of just a reflection of that in a way that’s fun,” Kathleen says. “Plus it’s a fun challenge to see how well we can nail the looks.” So have a look at their favourite five Kardashian outfit approximations below. And next time you spend precisely 17 minutes debating which of your near identical white T-shirts to chuck on, just think: what would Yeezus wear?

“This one is fun because we hadn't done Kendall and Kylie often, and I love a wig. Katie's vest is a Walgreens bag, and everyone always appreciates when we get resourceful for our pieces. The rest were items we owned. This shoot was funny because we were literally in the park next to a busy street changing between looks, though in SF that's not too out of the ordinary.”

“We did this for Halloween one year. Since the beginning we've tried to do a more over the top look for Halloween because we got our first big break right before Halloween 2014. Everyone loves North, and the matching Vetements is just iconic. I bought the fabric at this awesome SF staple, Fabric Outlet, for like $3 a yard and literally made them with hot glue because I was too lazy to thread my sewing machine (shout out to Project Runway hacks).

“Obviously this Met Gala look is one of their most infamous, for better or worse. It was pretty crappy the way that Kim was treated during her pregnancy, and while some of the memes were funny I think she looks bomb. We actually had my mom make this for another one of our Halloween looks, the first year anniversary of our account. Everything was too good to be true because she found this fabric in a clearance bin for like $1 and she was so stoked on it and got all into the intricate Givenchy detailing and was geeking out. She made all my costumes as a kid so we loved having her help (she has the same birthday as Kris Jenner as well as chic short dark hair, not a coincidence). Kim literally wore the Givenchy dress again that Halloween as her costume after we'd had the idea, and we almost shut the account down for good after that. I wrote a blog about it but our Tumblr got deleted. Thanks to the Wayback Machine I was able to find the text. Some of the images are MIA but you get the gist.”

“This is one of our first lewks and the first one Kim liked. My phone literally froze and I couldn't figure out why. That outfit Katie is wearing is also the same look Kanye wore in our very first post. Love a Canadian tuxedo. I also love ice cream as much as these two apparently do. We actually went to Humphrey Slocombe, which is the best ice cream in SF and possibly the world, don't @ me. Get the Secret Breakfast. You can thank me later.”

“This one is fun because we literally threw it together. That is a bed sheet. Which is no disrespect for Vivienne Westwood, we're just poor. The 'red carpet' is a blanket from my couch and the bush was right outside Katie's apartment. We always got really lucky with backdrops, I guess SF just has a lot of variety. Katie is clearly better at faces. This is also one Kim liked and after Instagram updated their algorithm the game changed. If she likes a pic they get like 10 times the likes. It's honestly wild. But glad to know the queen herself approves.”

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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