london rap crew 67 have a new ep, so we’re premiering a track from it

“Trap money is rap money now” – how life has changed for the Brixton Hill collective pioneering UK Drill.

by Hattie Collins
12 June 2017, 3:55pm

We first fell for UK drillaz 67 in 2016 when they dropped the menacing Let's Lurk, featuring UK Rap godfather Giggs. Since then, we've kept them firmly in our sights as the six-piece have continued to craft sinister, spine-shaking rap hits, that unearth the seedier side of London life. Like their south London contemporaries Stormzy, Section Boyz and Krept & Konan, 67 are the unapologetic voice of black, British, working-class kids.

Following 2016's Let's Lurk mixtape, today the boys are dropping a brand new EP. The Glorious Twelfth is full of their trademark trap-n-drill, which reflects on their transformation from the road to rap.

To celebrate, we've teamed up with 67 to premiere Life's Changed, a fittingly eerie piano-led tune that skulks between their past life on the street, to their new incarnation as rap stars. "We recorded this at Radar Radio in a session with Kenny Allstar and a producer call Luis Aura," 67 tell us. "We're addressing the changes in our life now from 'fame'. We're still the same, we still do gang on stage, we're just doing it in style, legally. Trap money is rap money now. This is authentic music showing people about our elevation and progression from what we were doing then, to what we are doing now."

Press play on Life's Changed and read on as LD, ASAP, Dimzy, Monkey, SJ, and Liquez break down The Glorious Twelfth, out today.

Rolling Up
"We recorded this one day when we were just chilling thinking of concepts with the gang in the studio. Carns Hill produced this track; we were just vibesing with pure weed, loads of smoke, rolling up. Then we took it to the booth straight after. Weed is a major inspiration, it's a creative tool for us."

"This is us talking about old activities. The lifestyle we had, [that] gang shit. This one was blessed by Carns Hill too. Gang shit on the stage, gang shit on the pavement. It was some unruly behaviour."

"This is our come up, we're from the hood and now we're out here doing shows so our money's coming in, show life is going up, price is going up, swagga's going up! It's a new lifestyle for us -- lobster on the plate -- we're letting it all out 60 style."

Before Tour
"We wrote this just before our last tour. We had beef with the law and they tried to stop man's tour but we're still working. This is what we do and the obstacles that we face sometimes, but the setbacks don't stop us moving forward. We are always going be making music; we're just trying to work."

"This song is all about no behaviour, it's sixty, no manners. We made this song at Naughty Boy's studio. We were in a unruly mode, hyped -- we can't be tamed. When we're in this mode in the studio we make music like this, it's pure ignorance."

This Side
"For this we linked up with the Splurgeboys -- T and his brother got us differently and we really vibe together. This Side is a statement for our area, where we're from. It's our anthem, letting people know what's going on round our side of town, how we're living, how we're winning and how we do things from the music, the business to lifestyle and everything. This, in relation to Saucy, really shows you two different sides."

Glorious Twelfth
"Here we just took it old school. Glorious Twelfth is us back in our natural mode. This track is letting everyone know it's that time again -- pure 67. It's giving fans what they love, it's hype, it's the product of us back in our natural studio setting -- pure weed, hella goons, a good atmosphere."

"We recorded this at Red Bull studios and it's kind of about where we are at with our music. Our music is going public, everything is going public and there's more attention on us. You see us live in public."

"Guwop is about block living -- but at the same time living saucy. It's the product you get when you link Carns Hill and some Yac [cognac]. It's mixing magic; Carns makes magic and then Monkey gets fried and he goes ham on the beat and Liquez turns into an animal -- he's the sauce man!"

Money Spree
"Money Spree is us really coming out of our comfort zone. This track is us showing the world what you can do, or the result when you put talented youts in a studio. Any type of beat, any tempo, it doesn't matter what it is, we will always bring that 67 vibe and go ham... as you can see!"

"Thank you i-D -- shouts out yourselves, shouts out all the peng tings worldwide, shout out all the drillers and jail dons worldwide, god bless you all."

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