slumber session: lifestyle

Mysterious London based trio Lifestyle share a somnolent mix for you to kinda doze off to.

by Matthew Whitehouse
15 June 2017, 3:25pm

Now, we know you lot come here to get the lowdown on all the latest trendy musicians but, to be honest, when it comes to today's Slumber Session-ers Lifestyle there isn't really a lot to go on. There's no Instagram plugging their latest piece of merch. No interviews detailing which summer festivals they're looking forward to playing. Lifestyle deal in mystery, folks, and you know what? Thank GOD. A band (are they even a band?) who appear quite happy (are they even happy?) to let their sort of quietly compelling music do the talking.

Of course we do know some stuff: one of the members is Lewis Rainsbury, one third of former dream-pop outfit Vondelpark. He's joined for this project by longtime friend Luke Brennan and third and mysterious man called Adrian -- not even the most Miss Marple-ish of excavations on the internet could reveal his surname. So, there's that.

Do surnames even matter? Probably not when the music is this good on its own; debut mixtape Calm FM being the aural equivalent of a nice warm blanket on your shoulders. A Grand Theft Auto radio station for lovers of tramadol.

We got our hands on their Ciaran Wood directed video for Sedate a few weeks back (there's a faint whiff of Lifestyle being more than just a music project) and now we've got our hands on this, an exclusive Slumber Session described, in typically enigmatic fashion, as being all about "symbiosis". With all this mystery you really are spoiling us. Throw clarity to the wind and press play below.

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