the soundtrack to your weekend ft. princess nokia, moses sumney and tyler, the creator

What did we do to deserve all this awesome new music?

by Frankie Dunn
30 June 2017, 10:30pm

Tyler, The Creator, Who Dat Boy
The bees have been counting down the days for a while now (if you know, you know) and new music from Tyler is finally here! After blowing his face off in front of a Leonardo Dicaprio Romeo and Juliet poster, Tyler heads over to mad surgeon A$AP's place for a face transplant. Maddest video of the month alert, as expected. Directed by Tyler himself, of course.

S4U, Too Much
Well, someone just levelled up! A fancy video for a fancy song from fancy-falling-into-a-90s-RnB-YouTube-hole-with-us? London duo, S4U. Plug yourself into this and you'll be popping, locking, and getting experimental with your Instastories via slow-mo spins and fish-eye lenses in no time at all. S4U's Prinz George and Rosita Bonita described the video as, "an excerpt from a film in which a lover is avenged and gets poisoned with gold." We like that.

Princess Nokia, G.O.A.T
The evolution of NYC rapper Princess Nokia is a real joy ride. With bottom grills and a head of curls, she rules shit from inside her wild sports car and confirms our suspicions that she might just be the greatest of all time. It's her Destiny.

Moses Sumney, Doomed
It'll move you, this. Like a beautiful and disconcerting musical take on The Matrix, Moses et al are submerged in their own watery tanks of sci-fi creepery. His voice stirs the soul like nothing we've heard this year, and his underwater eye opening is very impressive.

Kutmah, Cooler of Evidence (feat. N8NOFACE)
"You know some records have that 'Hey! I'm at a festival!' sound?" said the DJ who Flying Lotus described as one of the most influential of the beat movement. "Well, I wanted to do the opposite." Fun plan from Kutmah whose turn at producing is having pretty awesome results, with his forthcoming record for loners promising features from the likes of Jeremiah Jae, Natureboy Flako and Gonjasufi. What do you reckon's in that cooler of evidence though? Got to be dead bodies, right?

Biig Piig, 24K
A beautiful introduction to Biig Piig and her gentle late-night whispers of young love. Oh, to be the person that gets a nice song like this written about them. Fun fact: she stole her name from a pizza menu when drunk. Nice flat. Good plant selection.

Toro Y Moi, You and I
Mulling over turning 30, relationships, and how people can change overnight, Toro Y Moi's Chaz is in the mood for sharing with some seriously relatable lyrics. Those moves! And only one week left until the release of his well-named Boo Boo LP on 7 July.

Bromley, Know
What a lovely techno-breaks hybrid this is. We don't Know a lot about this Bromley guy, but we like what the young Brighton producer is doing and enjoy the intense haunted house element on the first side of this newbie. Out today on Boom Ting Recordings.

KYLE, Nothing 2 Lose
Kyle's doing good, how 'bout you? With nothing to lose and a load of sunny, funny, twisted shots that are on the verge of making us feel really dizzy, it's good clean fun (and car explosions) from your favourite positive rap friend. Thanks for reminding us that we only need approval from our mates and our mums, SuperDuperKyle. Nothing 2 Lose Tour incoming!

Cosima, Un-Named
It's our friend Cosima looking mighty regal with the most beautiful braids we've ever seen and a well-selected medieval font with the karaoke lyrics she clearly knew we'd want. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Queen C.

Yellow Days, That Easy
You should know that George van den Broek is on a mission, basically. A very relaxed sounding mission. Describing the song as, "almost like an account of where I am now after the EP, saying that I'm going to give it everything I have," the 18 year old Brit continues to deliver the good stuff from forthcoming Everything OK In Your World LP.

Umoja, Money Money
Don't worry, be happy, listen to the jingle jangle of coins and embrace the bananas. With payday just gone, this new Awesome Tapes From Africa offering is the real soundtrack to your weekend. Amirite?!


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