i-DJ: busy P

Ed Banger boss, electronic music legend, and genuine Frenchman, Busy P gives us a Friday mix.

Frankie Dunn

You probably already know, brilliant multi-tasker Pedro Winter aka Busy P, boss of Ed Banger and overseer of all that is good in French electronic music. He's something of a legend, managing Daft Punk, running the label for 14 years, and never not producing/DJing himself. Home to Justice, Mr Oizo, Cassius, Feadz and Medhi, Ed Banger just celebrated their 100th release with a compilation of epic proportions (Ed Rec 100, which he reckons would be the "perfect soundtrack for a modern version of Footloose directed by Kevin Smith") featuring new tracks from all their key players.

In case you were wondering, it was Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Welcome to Pleasuredome that first got him into music. "I've been inspired by gay artists all of my life and I owe this community so much. In Paris we went to gay clubs to discover house music in the mid 90s." he tells us. "I noticed the dicks all around in the artwork a bit later on, and then way later I discovered that Trevor Horn was behind this brilliant record."

So what's new in Paris? "You mean since Emmanuel Macron has been elected?" asks Pedro. "I'm proud our country is not scared to kick Front National out of the game. I feel good things are coming, it can't get worse anyway." Elsewhere, he's impressed by the waves being made by London label Whities, as well as Montreal label Multi Culti, from club owner, producer and possessor of a great name, Thomas Von Party. Currently busy eating Frozen cereal with his young daughter, signing new artists like 10LEC6 to the label, and, you know, casually planning a Justice world tour, he's also dreaming of having his own radio show and working with super-producer/awesome beardy man Rick Rubin.

If, like in London, the soleil is streaming through your window right now, this radio style mix is exactly what you need coming through your speakers. Opening with Serge Gainsbourg's creepy/hot Sea, Sex and Sun, Pedro promises "a mix full of love songs made to enjoy in the office or at home." If you work in the sort of office that's cool with sexy noises, that is. And if you don't, why are you even working there?


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