video premiere: james k, sokit to me baby

Bold and eerily beautiful, delve into the fragmented world of James K.

by James Hutchins
12 April 2016, 4:35pm

New York born and raised Jamie Krasner aka James K is one of the most interesting artists around at the moment. Her music seems to always be accompanied by some form of cut and paste artwork with a performance that tends to lean on the more theatrical side of things. Her peculiar sound ventures through dreamy ambience to steely industrial and collaged sounds. Oddly elegant and always glittery, she describes her new album PET as being divided into two parts; "an escape into ethereality and a mischievous denial of my own experience". She explains "It narrates my search for honest expression by means of the premature denial- a childish excursion into a world of monstrosity and innocence."

Today, i-D are excited to premiere the first video taken from the forthcoming album released on 1080p, Dial Records and K's new She Rocks label. The self-directed video was brought to life across three cities with cinematographer Nata Failde in Providence (RI), Manhattan, and Berlin and K describes the video as "a cycle of whelming into a world of fragmentation; desperately trying to strike as One, but sleeping it off instead." Its bold, breathy and eerily beautiful and its got us hooked. Delve into the fragmented world of James K.

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