​dystopia lives! liam hodges’s illegal rave crashes into 2017

We went ‘Looking for a vocation in the decline of civilization’ at Hodges’ fall/winter 17 show, before heading to his wild after party.

by Charlotte Gush
07 January 2017, 2:05pm

"I watched too much sci-fi when I was a kid," Liam Hodges explains backstage after his fall/winter 17 show, Dystopia Lives: "Escape From New York; Total Recall, obviously; Clockwork Orange." After the chaos of 2016, when the world seemed to stop making sense, Hodges reckons these apocalyptic films provide a better roadmap to the future than the logic of old.

"In chaos there is opportunity," he muses. "No one knows what's going to happen, so you can make whatever the fuck you want happen." And, as ever, what Hodges' boys want to make happen is an illegal rave — albeit the best-dressed one you've ever seen. They wore high paperbag-waist cargo pants, painterly camouflage print long-sleeve tops, and T-shirts printed with an office party photocopy of the three-breasted woman from Total Recall — a Westwoodian tits top for the modern dystopia.

Hodges' signature patchworking was applied to cozy knitwear, jersey, and cotton workwear, worn with painted jeans, zipped puffa trousers, and chunky puffa jackets. As ever, the garments looked as good leaving as they did arriving, with prints on the reverse of tops that resemble film certificates, and a brilliant "THIS YEAR" motif. Elsewhere, the show title 'Dystopia Lives' was smudged drunkenly off fine wool sweaters in black and dark bottle green on looks topped with Clockwork Orange bowler hats — a collaboration with Christys, facilitated by Noel Stewart. They were paired with cropped, raw hem trousers with waistband panels that extend past the front button to trail like a long belt.

Hodges is a designer who creates not just clothes, but evokes a whole world, and this season he transferred the sci-fi rave aesthetics into real life by throwing his first official after party. "The clothes have a story, so I want to make sure people can experience that story," the designer explains. "Bringing a bit of reality to fashion week. We invited people who can't come to the fashion show, because it's a business event, but so they can get the vibe of the brand." Check out the very vibey afterparty mix Liam shared with us.


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography Finn Constantine

Liam Hodges
fall/winter 17
london fashion week mens
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