joe farr: music to... bloc out to

Ahead of the launch party for his debut album, Joe Farr steps in the mix and invites us deep into his mind.

Mar 9 2016, 4:20pm

Having turned in tunes for the likes of Power Vacuum, Leisure System and Tiga's Turbo Recordings, Bristol based producer Joe Farr lets loose on his debut full length album, released on Bloc. The album, Sense Of Purpose, is Farr's first full length release and delves deep into the sonic craftsman's creative core. The release perfectly explores Farr's musical pallet, piecing together expertly crafted synth lines and ambient cuts lie next to all out dance floor techno bangers.

Ahead of the album's full launch party at Bloc's final weekender, Joe has jumped into the mix for i-D. His Music To.. Bloc Out To gives a perfect insight into his mind as a producer and DJ, venturing through stomping techno through to more ambient and eerie soundscapes. Press play and get to know Joe Farr.


JoeFarr - Blacklisted
JoeFarr - For Ella Rose
Mak and Pasteman - Runout
JoeFarr - Crunk
JoeFarr - *****
Live Section
Kamikaze Space Program - High Rise
Skee Mask - Shred
Patrick Bolton - Unravel
JoeFarr - Asleep

For tickets to Bloc Weekend head here and buy Sense Of Purpose here.