some things we learnt from slimzee and wiley’s rinse fm set last night

The Godfathers of the genre now known as Grime teamed up for the first time in years, as Wiley hit Rinse FM to spit one full hour of bars, setting the mic – and Twitter – alight…

Hattie Collins

Wiley shelled like it was 2001
For sixty straight minutes, Richard Kylea Cowie unleashed bar after bar after bar. Some were old, some were new, but Wiley proved that when he's on the top of his game, he is untouchable. "I do the same thing for the whole of the week/ Say I ain't king? Them man-a gotta cheek/ Star in the hood they ain't never had a peek/ All I really gotta do is get a bit psycho/ Give out the riddims to the DJs I know…"

Even though he messed up here and there
"Come on Willy," he castigated himself on occasion as the words escaped him. "I'm gotta get these bars out, get them out of my system. "Don't worry Will, the slip-up's only served to make the listen more authentic.

Listen here:

Slimzee is still a master selector
The Rinse FM founder drew for everything from a rare Creeper remix to Thuggish RuggishBone to instrumentals from Swifta Beater, Wize and Flippy Smalls. He also included brand new beats from newcomer Mista Kay.

Wiley shouted out the entire scene
So Solid, Pay As U Go, Riko Dan, God's Gift, Danny Weed, Target and Cage (Dizzee's manager) were acknowledged as were newcomers Novelist, Elf Kid and Heavytrackerz.

Twitter approved
One key difference between today's set and classic Wiley/ Slimzee Rinse sets was the lack of 'hold tight the 419' shout-outs (on the upside, we didn't have to hang ourselves and our aerials out the window to catch the whole thing). In 2016, people got involved via Twitter, with highlights including…

"Wiley the king, Slimzee the gatekeeper…" @PolicySound

"Wiley and Slimzee this is a fuckery…" @HatmanAFC

"This is possibly the greatest radio show of all time…" @ArtworkMagnetic

Wiley and Slimzee slapping the back out of Rinse on a Monday night… @SangyMCR

"Reminds me of Roman Road back in the day…" @ Ant_RangeRover

"Slimzee is playing the darkest instros… it feels like a Sunday… Wliey just practicing for time… fucking hell I love Grime man!!! @FatzOfficial

"full attention paid…" @Jackmaster

"claps hand/ fire emoji…" @LilyAllen

Wiley is the truuuuest mic man and Slimzee is the riddim lord" @itsrhea_lity

"I caught the last fifteen minutes of Slimzee's set and he first 10 minutes of the set with Wiley on mic in the car with my mums. They liked it lmao." @Paradox295

"If Slimzee plays one of my beats with Wliey on mic I'll straight get up and dropkick my newborn daughter #gas" @MistaKayUK

"@Geeneus Bruv I am parked up and I ain't getting out the car until this is done. Only radio can do that. Brought that moment back. Thank u." @TheRealBenjiB

"All these man used to give us so much for nothing week in week out. That's why I back these lot to the end." @Eli1ah

Locked @WileyUpdates@RinseFM fan from day @dj_slimzee @BlackdownLDN (Martin Clarke)

Geeneus wasn't interested in the session becoming a 'Wiley and Friends…'
"Big up everyone thinks they are running up to rinse to jump on the mic like its 03. Lol, This ain't radar fam," the Rinse FM DJ and founder tweeted, addressing whoever turned up to Rinse's Brick Lane studios, before taking friendly aim at the fledgling pirate who recently hosted Novelist's birthday set. He had a point though; Wiley didn't need anybody else; the Grimy Godfather was more than enough.

The nods to the old days continue… what's next? Wiley and Dizzee on a tune?
We can but pray people, we can but pray.

He clearly enjoyed himself, but Wiley wasn't too sad when it was over…
"How long we got left? Jheez, I thought you were gonna say an hour then," he laughed, getting the two minute warning. Wiley may have been relieved (tbf sixty minutes straight bars must be exhausting), but for us it was over all too soon. More please thanks Rinse!

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