10 things you need to know about georgia howorth…

Georgia made her i-D debut in the Coming Of Age Issue, apt, seeing as her mother was on the cover of the Grown Up Issue. Here's everything you need to know about a bona fide i-D family member.

by Matthew Whitehouse
01 March 2016, 10:48pm

Some way to make your i-D debut: staring down the barrel of the Matt Jones's lens in last year's Coming of Age issue with all the confidence of an 18 year old who just told us "Never be afraid to ask." Of course, London-born Georgia wasn't the first Howorth to pop up in i-D. Her mother, the very beautiful and statuesque Jeny, appeared on the cover of the Grown Up issue way back in October 85, eventually trading places to shoot Naomi Campbell for the Boys and Girls issue eight years later. And it seems Georgia has inherited her mother's eye for a shot as well as her modelling prowess (she is signed to New York's DNA Model Management), with an Instagram account ranging from down in the tube station selfies to dog walking with Arthur Elgort and actually-very-good-indeed architectural photography. Here are 10 things you need to know about a bona fide i-D family member…

1. When she's not modelling, Georgia likes to…
"Take pictures and sleep a lot!"

2. Which explains what her most frequently used app is (hint: not an alarm clock)…
"Instagram, obviously!"

3. In fact, modelling wasn't even something that had crossed her mind until Katie Grand approached her for a shoot…
"I was super exited and a little nervous. I never thought it would turn into what it has, and I'm very grateful."

Calvin Klein autumn/winter 16

4. Since then the best advice her mum has given her is…
"Be polite, be you, and believe in yourself."

5. If she could find out the answer to any question in the world, the one she'd ask would be…
"How do I make the world a better place?"

6. And the person she'd cast to play her in a movie of her life would be…
"My best friend, who might know me better than my own self."

7. If we were to see a picture of Georgia in 10 years, she hopes she'll be…
"Looking flawless and relaxing somewhere beautiful!"

Giles spring/summer 16

8. Although, of course, luxury isn't all relaxing on far-flung beaches…
"Luxury is non materialistic to me. The company of loved ones is a much appreciated pleasure."

9. And that's pretty clear judging from her (very British) perfect day…
"Ooh, a cup of tea in bed, sleeping in past lunch time, and a lovely dinner with friends."

10. Just make sure you hold the milk…
"Early grey, two teabags, black, no sugar."



Text Matthew Whitehouse
Photography Matt Jones
Styling Havana Laffitte

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