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woman crush wednesday with @maryrosenberger

Meet one of the realest girls on Instagram.

by Ingrid Kesa
16 March 2016, 2:15am

All images via @maryrosenberger

Instagram lurking can sometimes make you feel bad about yourself (everything looks better through Clarendon-filtered glasses), so it's refreshing when you come across someone with tens of thousands of followers who actually keeps it real. Artist/model Mary Rosenberger is one of those girls. Her honest and DTE (down to earth) approach to Instagram has seen her build a following of 69K fans, who come to her feed for her deadpan video delivery and perfectly imperfect selfies. She says what we're all thinking, and posts photos that are so relatable you almost feel like she's you (if you had the face of a goddess and legs that lasted for days). We caught up with the 22-year-old creative to find out more.

Mary Reynolds Rosenberger.

Instagram handle?

My boyfriend calls me Stinkbug.

Where are you from, and what's it like there?
I moved to a shitty suburb called Fremont in the San Francisco Bay Area when I was six years old from Covington, Kentucky (thank god). Although it's nowhere near glamorous nor a spot I've ever really felt at home, I think growing up in a place where you feel lonely creates a certain type of drive so I'm grateful for it. The Bay Area has made me feel really grounded; it's extremely diverse and full of a huge different range of people.

Did you want to be famous as a kid?
I never yearned for fame I yearned for greatness. Art has always been important to me.

What do you do for work?
For work I sell my art. I like painting on purses and making one of a kind pieces. I also model. I'm moving to Los Angeles with my boyfriend when he graduates from the San Francisco Art Institute in May to pursue it more seriously.

What do you do for fun?
I love creating. I'm at my most happiest when I'm expressing myself with paint, writing, makeup and fashion. Art will always be the root of all of my fun.

Who was your hero in high school, and who is it now?
To be honest I was such a different person in high school I don't even remember who I idolised back then. As of late my hero is @isamayaffrench. The way she fuses makeup and visual art fuels my creative soul. I aim to bring that same dynamic to the makeup world myself one day.

What lyric sums you up?
If I was lyric I'd be one from The Rolling Stones' song She's a Rainbow"She comes in colours everywhere/She combs her hair/She's like a rainbow/Coming, colours in the air/ Oh, everywhere/She comes in colours."

What do you cook when you want to impress someone?
I don't think I've ever actually cooked to impress someone; I feel proud of myself when I manage to cook my boyfriend and I a simple meal of grilled chicken and vegetables without burning them.

What's your dream pet?
Hands down, a silky lil black pug dog.

What's something that you're secretly passionate about?
I don't think I'm secretly passionate about anything? My life is pretty much an open book—none of my guilty pleasures feel that guilty!

What TV show will you never get sick of?
Human Planet on Netflix. If you like learning about different cultures from around the world I'd definitely recommend it.

Who's the worst kind of bro?
The type of bro that has a problem with basic human equality.

If you had to wear one label for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Eh, to be honest I hate this question. How could I ever pick one label?! I'd rather wear an eclectic bunch of thrift store gems. I think I'd keel over and die if I ever had to wear just one brand.

What do you love about the internet?
I love the Internet because you're able to connect with like-minded souls. I always felt out of place growing up where I did and being able to "meet" people on the Internet was always really exciting to me. I've met a bunch of my current best friends from the Internet. I also love the fact that we're able to educate ourselves with the Internet. We're in a generation where we can learn nearly anything.

Describe your Instagram aesthetic?
I guess my aesthetic is all about my real self. I like showing my flaws in pictures. I think the most beautiful girls have eye bags and imperfections. I pride myself on sharing real pieces of my life, not just pictures I take to impress people.

Who are your three favourite people to follow on Instagram?
Damn, I hate that I have to pick! There are so many! I feel bad to not include everyone but honestly it'd be a whole paragraph by the time I'd be done. Top three I guess would be, in no order: @alixalwaysmoves/@kate_nyc (sorry I suppose that makes it four but I really can't choose between the two), @dylanchavles, and @stacey_a_nishimoto.

Where else can we find you online?
Check out to purchase my art.

Country or city?

Britney or Beyonce?

Health food or junk food?
Health food.

Heels or sneakers?

Early mornings or late nights?
Late nights!

Dating or hanging out?
Hanging out… hahaha (my boyfriend and I "hung out" for a long time before we ever labeled ourselves as anything).

Hotels or camping?



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