pearls’ i-Deal style

We ask the dreamy musical trio to share their secrets.

by Wendy Syfret
18 February 2015, 3:09am

Photo by Michelle Tran

Pearls are Cassandra Kiely, Ryan Caesar, and Ellice Blakeney. Together they form the beloved Melbourne three-piece who have been playing shows and giving people hairstyle ideas for years. After teasing us with a dreamy 2012 EP they're almost ready to give in and release their much anticipated debut LP Pretend You're Mine this month. A few sneaky listens have guaranteed it will deliver on the band's unparalleled ability to provide a sensitive and sometimes moody take on glam rock you can dance and moan to.

Not surprisingly, a lot has been made of the trio's perfect vintage prom-night-of-your-dreams style, and at i-D we're hardly immune. So before their album drops on February 20th, we thought we'd ask them about some of their more fashionable i-Deals. 

i-Deal outfit to perform in? Three-piece Sparkles!

i-Deal place to find it? Bebe Buell's hand me downs.

i-Deal thrift store secret? No smells, no stains, no hangover.

i-Deal style icon? Angie Bowie and Anjelica Houston.

i-Deal childhood hero? Punky Brewster.

i-Deal karaoke song? AC/DC, "Big Balls".

i-Deal dream collaboration? 70s YSL, Biba, and Ossie Clarke.

i-Deal album to listen to when getting ready? Iggy Pop's The Idiot and Anita Lane's Dirty Sings.

i-Deal treat to have after midnight? Canned vegetables and copious amounts of condiments.

i-Deal 2015 aspiration? Marry a dentist!


Text Wendy Syfret
Photo by Michelle Tran

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