surprise! grimes and hana have released seven diy videos

The best friends intend them to be viewed together, as a 38 minute mini-movie.

by Hilary Bourke
06 October 2016, 7:45am

Eternal multi-tasker and IRL art angel, Grimes, somehow found time on her European tour to casually create seven new stunning videos. Viewed together, they collectively form a 38 minute mini-movie titled the AC!D Reign Chronicles.

Grimes revealed on her Twitter that the fractured film was all shot over a two week period in Europe with her brother, Mac Boucher, and frequent collaborator/best friend, HANA. "They are guerrilla style vids, a la realiti" Grimes wrote. "There was no crew, makeup, cameras, lights. Just us and a phone, so maybe don't expect anything too fancy." Even still, the pair managed to exceed anything we've ever made during a work trip. 

"Initially we set out only to shoot something for World Princess Part II, but we felt done after a couple days, so we kept shooting in between shows and on days off, and started shooting videos for HANA, too," she continued in her tweet. "Aristophanes also played some shows with us, so we were able to shoot Scream."

Four of the visuals support tracks from Grimes' 2015 studio album Art Angels, including favourites like World Princess part II, Butterfly, Scream [ft. Aristophanes], and Belly of the Beat. Montana native, HANA, also performs the lingering, electro-pop hits Chimera, Underwater and Avalanche from her self-titled EP.

Get lost in the angelic dancing, concert footage and wardrobe envy below.


Text Hilary Bourke

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