taskforce: music to… brace yourself to

Press play and enter the world of illusive 808 world of Taskforce. Brace yourself.

by i-D Team
02 April 2015, 4:59pm

21-year-old illusive producer/DJ Taskforce is not to be messed with. His bass-laden beats encapsulate 808 techno and futuristic broken drums to create a cacophony of noise that could set off any rave! The US based producer goes deep into the mix with 50 minutes of pure energy and a few super special exclusives. The weekend starts here. Press play!

Air Jordans (Taskforce Remix) - Drippin'
???? - Miss Modular
Percussion Workout 2 - Randomer
Bugz - Low Concept
Glock and Roll (Taskforce Edit) - Kowton
Nelly - Karenn
Under - Manse
Somebody (Mosca Remix) - Trus'me
Doing Nothing - Kowton
Tropical Data - NSDOS
Onkalo (Karenn Remix) - Delta Funktion
Press Up - Mosca
Alta Civilization - Egyptrixx

Music to shift your mood from staying in to staying up all night...
Gunnar Haslam , Ataxia No Logos

Music for fiery arguments and emotional goodbyes...
Isaac Hayes, Going In Circles

Music to kiss and make up to...
K Camp, Actin' Up

Music to heal a broken heart...
Bauhaus, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Music to get high to...
Peder Mannerfelt, Alpha Waves

Music to change your night from mediocre to magnificent...
Lotic, Heterocetera

Music to take a long drive to...
Otis Brown and the Delights, Southside Chicago

Music you'd like played at your funeral... -
Lil Ugly Mane, Mask On My Fucking Face

Music to have sex to...
Persuasion, Throbbing Gristle

Music to celebrate your birthday to...
Future, Where I Came From

Music guaranteed to give you serious swagger...
Big L, All Black

Music to play at the afterparty when it's 6am and the sun is beginning to rise...
Galcher Lustwerk, Leisure

Music that could put even an insomniac to sleep...
Psychic TV, Elipse of Flowers

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