on the road with eliot sumner - part one

24-year-old Londoner Eliot Sumner (formally known as I Blame Coco) knows a thing or two about growing up. After four years of touring and writing songs, the brooding beauty is back with a gritty new sound, captured in this intimate tour diary by...

by i-D Team
24 February 2015, 5:20pm


Director John Lindquist
Director of Photography Isaac Eastgate, John Lindquist
First Assistant Camera Joe Bird
B Camera Liboni Munnings
Editor Tom Chick, John Lindquist
Sound Mix Ania Przygoda
Additional dialogue interview Scott Normand
Produced by Lindquist Studio
Associate Producer Shabana Mansuri
Senior Video Commissioning Editor Jack Robinson
Head of Creative Development Bunny Kinney
Production Manager Tiwirayi Magwenzi
Associate Producer Declan Higgins
Production Coordinator Tom Ivin
Tracks Come Friday, Halfway to Hell, Wobbler, Information all by Eliot Sumner.
Thanks to Eliot Sumner, Lykke Li, Ellie Shaw, Nick Benton (guitar) Jan Blumentrath (keys), Adam Gammage (drums) Gavin Maxwell (Backline tech), Sarah Boardman.

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Lykki Li
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on the road with eliot sumner and lykke li