Photography Maxime Ballesteros

berlin dj brat star made us a totally eclectic mix

Who needs genres when you can have a little bit of everything?

by Frankie Dunn
11 May 2018, 3:41pm

Photography Maxime Ballesteros

“I need a lot of freedom to survive,” Brat Star told us over email, harnessing the limited wifi available in the Bucharest Airbnb she’s currently spending her vacation in. The Canadian DJ says she has been obsessed with music for as long as she can remember. Growing up, she’d wake every morning to the sound of her dad practising his classical guitar, and a musical education spanning metal and hip-hop eventually led to her discovering the joys of DJing.

Brat Star (inspired by Bratz dolls, duh) has made quite a name for herself in Berlin, having put on some killer club nights and shifted attention away from techno and on to her own multifarious selections. When she’s not on her hols, Brat Star DJs for Spanish rapper Yung Beef, who she met after they played at the same party last year. Impressed by her set, he invited her to play his weekly night at Inferno in Madrid and eventually, to join the crew as his tour DJ.

“The funny thing is, we barely ever talk to each other,” she says. “We don’t speak the same language and come from very different places, but somehow it feels like we’re sisters. We like the same shit and in general love all humans other than fuckass people. All we do is smoke blunts and show each other music and shake our heads in approval. We never rehearsed the show even once -- we just went in and it was incredible. And we’re not done yet.”

Thoroughly impressed, we asked Brat Star to make us an i-D mix. “I don't believe in categories. I hate rules, but I love my friends, so I put some of their music in there,” the rainbow-haired DJ tells us. “This mix is awful but the music is great.” Jumping between dancehall, trap, hardcore, techno and pop, it’s got everything for everyone. “I aspire to be trusted beyond the borders of music genres or styles or whatever,” she leaves us with. “Music generally makes me feel like life is worth living.”

Yung Beef
Brat Star